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8 Digital Nomad-Friendly Cafes in Malta

It isnโ€™t always wise to stay in your Airbnb or hostel to work as a digital nomad. Instead, you may want to break up your routine and enjoy getting out…

6 June 2022 by Brittany
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6 Best Coworking Spaces in Malta for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads know just how important it is to find a productive and comfortable place to work while living abroad. Weโ€™ve put together the best coworking spaces in Malta for…

29 May 2022 by Brittany
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Best Time to Visit Malta for Digital Nomads (+ Travel Tips)

Even with 300 days of sunshine and ideal weather, you may be wondering when the best time to visit Malta as a digital nomad is. Since you live a lifestyle…

26 April 2022 by Brittany
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The Perfect Itinerary for Digital Nomads: 12 Cities in One Year

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stuck about how to plan the next year of traveling? Well, youโ€™ve just stumbled upon the perfect itinerary for digital nomads to visit 12 cities…

14 April 2022 by Brittany
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11 Best Cities for Digital Nomads in Winter to Escape the Cold

It’s time to start searching for the best cities for digital nomads in winter. Letโ€™s face it; nobody actually likes living in freezing cold temperatures during the winter. The sun…

1 April 2022 by Brittany
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Read This Before Staying in a Hostel as a Digital Nomad

As someone who lives a life of traveling and working remotely, you may have considered staying in a hostel during your travels.  Thousands of people stay in hostels every year…

10 March 2022 by Brittany
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How to Get Compensation for a Delayed Flight: All-in-One Solution

As a digital nomad, you may have experienced problems with airlines that may have you wondering how to get compensation for a delayed flight, lost baggage, or another travel issue…

7 March 2022 by Brittany
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10 Best Hostels in Hawaii for Digital Nomads [2023]

One of the best ways to travel the great islands of Hawaii as a digital nomad and save money is to stay in some of the best hostels in Hawaii….

24 February 2022 by Brittany
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3 Lesser-Known Spots to Add to Your Portugal Bucket List

Holidaymakers have been visiting Portugal’s worst-kept secrets for years. From the sun-soaked Algarve to the historic city of Porto, these classic destinations remain hugely popular for a reason, and if…

21 February 2022 by Nomads
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21 Cheapest Cities to Live as a Digital Nomad in 2022

Where are the cheapest cities to live as a digital nomad?  This is one of the most popular questions amongst those who choose to travel the world while working remotely…

1 February 2022 by Brittany
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