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51 Items to Include on Your Digital Nomad Packing List [2024]

The hardest decision to make after deciding to become a digital nomad is what to put on your digital nomad packing list before you embark on the journey to your…

21 January 2022 by Brittany
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12 Best Digital Nomad Cities in Asia [2024 Edition]

With a world of excellent digital nomad destinations to explore, many remote workers find themselves traveling through Asia. So, weโ€™ve gathered a list of the best digital nomad cities in…

5 December 2023 by Brittany
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23 Digital Nomad Travel Hacks to Save Time and Money

If thereโ€™s one thing digital nomads are always on the lookout for, itโ€™s travel hacks. Living a life of full-time travel and working remotely from your computer requires you to…

18 February 2022 by Brittany
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10 Undeniable Reasons Why Italy is the Next Digital Nomad Hotspot

When you think of Italy, you probably imagine vacationing along the Amalfi Coast or visiting the museums and archaeological sites in Rome. But, what if you imagined Italy as a…

23 May 2021 by Brittany
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10 Top-Rated Hostels in Paris for Digital Nomads [2024]

Known as one of the most beautiful and prestigious cities in the world, digital nomads often flock to Paris to experience the rich culture, eat fine cuisine, and meet an…

2 May 2022 by Brittany
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Can You Work Remotely in Spain?

With the possibility of working from anywhere in the world with just a computer and wifi connection, many people wonder, โ€œCan you work remotely in Spain?โ€  As a digital nomad…

19 March 2024 by Brittany
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8 Best Cities for Digital Nomads in Portugal

Portugal is one of the most popular digital nomad destinations in Europe in 2024. This is not only thanks to the great weather and Portugalโ€™s digital nomad visa but also…

17 January 2024 by Brittany
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Greece in February: Affordable Digital Nomad Winter Destination

Winter is the perfect time for digital nomads to explore a new part of the world. Thatโ€™s why many remote workers stay in Greece in February.  With mild weather, affordable…

13 November 2023 by Brittany
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7 Safest Countries in South America for Digital Nomads

When considering exploring Latin American countries as a digital nomad, you often wonder about safety. Youโ€™ve heard stories from other travelers, and theyโ€™ve made you timid about booking your next…

21 September 2023 by Brittany
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11 Popular Coworking Spaces in Lisbon for Digital Nomads

Working and traveling as a digital nomad means searching for the most reliable wifi with a comfortable workspace. Many digital nomads in Portugal choose to work from coworking spaces in…

3 July 2023 by Brittany
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