Italy Digital Nomad Visa: What We Know [April 2022]

italy digital nomad visa

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One of the most beautiful countries in the world has finally announced it will welcome digital nomads. With the new Italy digital nomad visa, remote workers who โ€œcarry out highly qualified work activities through the use of technological toolsโ€ can live in the country for one year

This is incredible news, released on March 28, 2022, by the Italian government. After months of speculation and rumors, we finally have confirmation that the Italy digital nomad visa will become a reality. 

Italy is known for its incredible landscapes, historic towns, bustling cities such as Milan, Rome, and Florence, and of course the food. You canโ€™t go wrong with the food in Italy! 

With recent modern digitization efforts taking place in the country, Italy is surely becoming a new digital nomad hotspot within Europe by offering a digital nomad visa. 

In other good news, it doesn’t look like there will be a limit to the number of digital nomad visas released each year as with other Italian visas.

While we are still waiting for details about the requirements and process to apply for the Italian digital nomad visa, here is what we know so far. Remember to check back to this article for the most up-to-date information.

What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

A digital nomad visa allows remote workers to live in a foreign country for an extended period of time. 

Typically, these visas allow digital nomads to live in the country for one year. Many of them do offer an option to renew for another year or two. 

Itโ€™s important to note that this visa does not allow you to participate in the local economy to earn money. All of your income must be sourced outside of the country where you hold your digital nomad visa. 

Italy Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

As with any visa, there are requirements you must be in order to be eligible to apply for it. While we are still waiting for more information about the set requirements for Italyโ€™s digital nomad visa, here is what we know so far. 

  • Valid Passport – Your passport must be valid while applying for the visa
  • Income Requirement – You must meet a certain income requirement [amount to be announced]
  • Work Remotely – You must work remotely for a company, clients, or own a business located outside of Italy
  • Highly Skilled Worker – You must qualify as a highly-skilled worker, which may mean holding a Master’s Degree
  • Health Insurance – You must have health insurance coverage during your stay in Italy
  • Clean Criminal Record – You must have a clean criminal record

We will update this article as the government releases more information. 

Steps to Apply


From what we know about current visa processes for Italy, it is likely you will have to apply in your country of residence at an Italian embassy or consulate. However, this is just an assumption and may change with the new digital nomad visa.

Italy for Digital Nomads

Stunning seaside towns. Rich and hearty wine. Pasta, pasta, and more pasta. Need we say more?

Italy has long been a favorite vacation and tourist destination. But now the country is welcoming digital nomads to come and enjoy la bella vita while working remotely from some of the most picturesque towns in the world. 

Over the last couple of years, billions of dollars have been invested in the digitization of the country. This means stronger wifi connections and a more reliable digital infrastructure. These improvements mean the country is becoming more digital nomad friendly with each passing year. 

With an affordable cost of living, rich history and culture, and a growing digital nomad community, youโ€™ll surely live a great lifestyle here with Italyโ€™s digital nomad visa. Some of the more popular cities amongst digital nomads include Milan, Florence, Rome, and Palermo in Sicily. As the culture of coworking spaces and setting up your laptop in cafes becomes more popular, youโ€™ll notice the digital nomad lifestyle slowly creeping into Italian culture. 

Get Help Applying for Digital Nomad Visas

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