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Nomads Embassy makes your digital nomad visa application easy with our custom services and carefully chosen local partners.
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Visa Exploration Call

Talk to our Nomads Embassy visa expert and discover your ideal digital nomad visa.
Find out which visa suits your needs and dreams in a quick 30-minute chat. We'll explore options based on what you're eligible for and what you want from your nomadic life.

Get clear, personalized advice on different visas, tailored to your lifestyle and
future plans. We'll dive into the key rules of each visa to help guide your nomad path.

Remember, this isn't legal advice. It's expert guidance to help you make informed decisions on your digital nomad journey.
Find the Right Digital Nomad Visa for You
๐Ÿ”ฅ Tailored Advice

Legal Consultations

Join a video call with our expert immigration lawyers to get your digital nomad visa journey on track.
In this one-hour session, they'll check your documents, confirm if you're eligible, and answer all your questions about the visa process.

Our legal experts will carefully assess your situation and clarify any doubts about applying for the visa and relocating abroad.

Before the call, you'll use the Nomads Embassy platform to safely upload important documents like your passport and income statements. The lawyer will review these during your consultation.

After this session, you'll feel confident and ready to start your adventure abroad with a digital nomad visa
All of Your Questions Answered by a Legal Professional
๐Ÿ”“ White Glove Service

Done-for-You Visa Services

Get personalized help with your digital nomad visa application from a dedicated immigration lawyer.
With Nomads Embassy's Done-for-You Visa services, navigating the visa process becomes simple.

Your appointed lawyer will oversee your application from start to end, making sure your documents meet all requirements and are submitted correctly.

Your part? Just provide the needed documents and show up for visa appointments. Our expert local immigration lawyer handles everything else, guiding you smoothly towards your relocation.
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๐Ÿ”“ Tax Optimization

Tax Consultations

Understand your tax situation as a digital nomad with advice from our local tax experts.
If you're moving abroad and setting up tax residency, our specialists in expat and digital nomad taxes can help. Learn how to make the most of your taxes with special programs and discounts tailored to you.

In a one-hour chat, our experts will look at your income and situation, giving you clear guidance on taxes while living abroad and ways to achieve your financial goals.
Clarify Your Digital Nomad Tax Situation
๐Ÿก Your New Home

Accommodation Assistance

Find your perfect home abroad with our help, all while following digital nomad visa rules.
Nomads Embassy connects you with a wide range of accommodation options worldwide, whether you need a short stay or a long-term place.

In certain countries, you can even work directly with a real estate pro to find the ideal spot, either before you move or once you're there.
Find Your Next Home with Nomads Embassyโ€™s Partners
๐Ÿ‘ฅ Community

Digital Nomad Community

Be part of Nomads Embassy's unique online community
Join thousands of digital nomads across the globe. Connect with people who share your passion, gain insights from their experiences, and fully embrace your location-independent life.
Join the Community
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