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Greece Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

Are you eligible to apply?
Valid Passport
Work Remotely
Earn 3,500โ‚ฌ per month as an Individual
Earn 4,200โ‚ฌ per month for Couples
Earn 630โ‚ฌ per month for Each Additional Dependent
International Health Insurance
Clean Criminal Record
Can Obtain a Certified Health Check
Address of Accommodations in Greece

About the Greece Digital Nomad Visa

12-month Visa Term (Renewable)
Family Inclusion Allowed
Permanent Residency in 5 Years

Our Done-for-You Digital Nomad Visa Service

A dedicated immigration lawyer works with you to verify your documents, submit your digital nomad visa application, and guide you on your relocation.
Consultation with Our Hand-Selected Local Immigration Lawyer
Access to Nomads Embassy's Secure Platform
Communication on Your Behalf with Authorities
A Legal Professional to Answer All of Your Questions
Document Review & Verification
Visa Application Assistance
Certified Translations
Residence Permit Application Assistance & Retrieval
A Dedicated Lawyer to Follow Your Application from Start to Finish

About Our Hand-Selected Local Immigration Lawyer

Seeking the Perfect Lawyer for Your Relocation Abroad
  • We traveled throughout Greece to find the top immigration lawyer
  • We rigorously evaluated their reliability, expertise, and skills
  • You get the best rates, thanks to our negotiations

Your dedicated immigration lawyer is just one click away!

Expert-Led Visa Application withโ€จNomads Embassy: Skip the Hassle and Uncertainty

On Your Own
Hours of Research with Misleading Information Online
Uncertainty About Your Eligibility
Missing or Incomplete Documents for Your Application
Slow or Delayed Responses from Embassies
Waiting On Hold to Schedule Visa Appointment with the Embassy
Language Barriers with Immigration Officials
Hours Searching for Certified Translators for Your Documents
Unanswered Questions About Relocating to a Foreign Country
Handle Application and Deal with Bureaucracy on Your Own
Increased Risk of Visa Refusal
Stressful, Uncertain, and Overwhelming Process
With Nomads Embassy
A Dedicated Legal Professional to Answer Your Questions
Verified Eligibility Before Applying
100% Compliant Documents While Applying
Quick 48-Hour Response Time from Your Dedicated Lawyer
Facilitated Communication with Authorities on Your Behalf
English-Speaking Local Immigration Lawyers
Certified Translations Available Immediately
Receive Necessary Information for a Smooth Relocation
Dedicated Professional to Handle All Bureaucracy on Your Behalf
Legal Services to Increase Chance of Application Success* with Appeal Assistance
Experience a straightforward, reassuring process
*Nomads Embassy does not guarantee visa approval

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Nomads Embassy help me apply for this digital nomad visa?

We will introduce you to our hand-selected local immigration lawyers who will assist you with your application through our Done-for-You Digital Nomad Visa service.

Does Nomads Embassy guarantee visa approval?

While we cannot guarantee visa approval because it is up to the government’s discretion, we can guarantee a 100% compliant visa application and legal assistance from a dedicated immigration lawyer.

What is the processing time of the Greece digital nomad visa?

It will take about 10 business days to process your Greece digital nomad visa application.

Can I apply for the digital nomad visa if I'm already in Greece?

No, you must apply through a Greek consulate in your country of residence.

Should I work with an immigration lawyer to apply for the Greece digital nomad visa?

While it isnโ€™t required to work with an immigration lawyer to apply for Greece’s digital nomad visa, it is extremely helpful and increases your chances for approval.

Working one-on-one with an immigration lawyer ensures you meet the eligibility requirements, have all of the necessary documents, and have someone to communicate with authorities to follow your application through the process.

Relocating to another country can be intimidating and overwhelming when you do it alone. Having a legal professional on your side provides reassurance that your application is completed correctly.

What is the first step to working with Nomads Embassy to apply for the Greece digital nomad visa?

The first step is to complete the form on this page to request our free digital nomad visa eligibility assessment. Once we determine you are eligible, we will introduce you to our hand-selected local immigration lawyer for a consultation.

What fees are not included in the Done-for-You Digital Nomad Visa service?

Additional possible expenses such as apostille/notarization services and government application fees are not included in the Done-for-You Digital Nomad Visa service.

How much does the Greece Done-for-You Digital Nomad Visa service cost?

Our Done-for-You Digital Nomad Visa service for Greece starts at 2,997โ‚ฌ