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Expert-Led Visa Application with Nomads Embassy: Skip the Hassle and Uncertainty
One-Hour Consultation with Immigration Lawyer
Done-for-You Digital Nomad Visa Service
Submit Digital Nomad Visa Application
Receive Notification of Visa Decision
Obtain Residence Permit to Stay in Your New Country
Prepare documents and application

Attend visa appointments at embassy or consulate
Attend visa appointments at embassy or consulate
Arrive in Your New Home

Our Done For You Digital Nomad Visa Service

A dedicated immigration lawyer works with you to verify your documents, submit your digital nomad visa application, and guide you on your relocation.

About Our Hand-Selected Immigration Lawyers

Seeking the Perfect Lawyer for You
We travel worldwide to find top local immigration law firms
Our focus: digital nomad-friendly services
We rigorously evaluate their reliability, expertise, and skills
You get the best rates, thanks to our negotiations
Our Ideal Lawyer Partner
Expert in local immigration law
Committed to serving digital nomads
Proven reliable, knowledgeable, and skilled
Offers competitive rates, negotiated by us

Get to Your Destination Faster

Rapid responses to your most burning questions from legal professionals
Reduce missing documents and errors with our platformโ€™s intuitive design
Encrypted platform protecting your sensitive documents and information
100% compliant immigration process with verified documents
One-on-one legal assistance for your specific situation
All your documents and communication in one safe place

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See What Our Nomads Have to Say

March 19, 2024
We worked with Nomads Embassy for our Digital Nomad Visa for Spain and had a wonderful experience! Nomads Embassy has shown care and consideration throughout the entire process and we have a lot of gratitude for them.
Julia F.
December 17, 2023
I recommend Nomads Embassy - absolutely trust worthy - and I wish everyone good luck on their endeavors. Thank you for the wonderful experience guys.
Peter M
April 4, 2024
Very quick, efficient, and friendly to work with for my B211a visa in Bali. Would recommend to a friend.
Kevin C.

Expert-Led Visa Application withโ€จNomads Embassy: Skip the Hassle and Uncertainty

On Your Own
Hours of Research with Misleading Information Online
Uncertainty About Your Eligibility
Missing or Incomplete Documents for Your Application
Slow or Delayed Responses from Embassies
Waiting On Hold to Schedule Visa Appointment with the Embassy
Language Barriers with Immigration Officials
Unanswered Questions About Relocating to a Foreign Country
Handle Application and Deal with Bureaucracy on Your Own
Increased Risk of Visa Refusal
Stressful, Uncertain, and Overwhelming Process
With Nomads Embassy
A Dedicated Legal Professional to Answer Your Questions
Verified Eligibility Before Applying
100% Compliant Documents While Applying
Quick 48-Hour Response Time from Your Dedicated Lawyer
Facilitated Communication with Authorities on Your Behalf
English-Speaking Local Immigration Lawyers
Receive Necessary Information for a Smooth Relocation
Dedicated Professional to Handle All Bureaucracy on Your Behalf
Legal Services to Increase Chance of Application Success* with Appeal Assistance
Experience a straightforward, reassuring process
*Nomads Embassy does not guarantee visa approval
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital nomad visa?

A Digital Nomad Visa lets you live and work remotely in another country. It’s different from a work visa, which restricts you to working for local businesses.

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How do I get a digital nomad visa?

Start by checking if you qualify. Collect the required documents, and consider speaking to an immigration lawyer.

Check your eligibility for free
How do I start the Done-for-You Digital Nomad Visa Service?

Request Nomads Embassyโ€™s free digital nomad visa eligibility assessment to begin using our services.

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Does Nomads Embassy guarantee visa approval with the Done-for-You Visa service?

Nomads Embassy does not guarantee visa approval as the decision is at the discretion of the government and immigration authorities. We guarantee a compliant application process with our immigration lawyer.ย 

Do I have to do anything when purchasing the Done-for-You Visa service?

Yes, you must gather the requested and necessary documents for your application and attend any required appointments at the embassy or consulate. Our lawyers are here to assist and advise you during the process – so you arenโ€™t alone!ย 

Can Nomads Embassy help me apply for a digital nomad visa?

Yes, Nomads Embassy connects you with trusted immigration lawyers for your visa application and move. They can guide you through the process and ensure you meet all requirements.

How does Nomads Embassy choose immigration lawyer partners?

We travel the globe meeting with hundreds of local immigration lawyers, interviewing them to determine if their work ethic and mission align with ours to assist digital nomads with visa applications.

How much does the Done-for-You Digital Nomad Visa Service cost?

Our Done-for-You Digital Nomad Visa services start at $997. These prices depend on the country and the number of applicants.

Complete your free eligibility check to request a personal Done-for-You Digital Nomad Visa service quote.

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