Namibia Digital Nomad Visa: How to Apply in 3 Steps

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Remote workers can settle down and work remotely in a gorgeous southern African country with the new Namibia digital nomad visa

The Namibian government implemented a new digital nomad visa to welcome smart tourists. Their goal is to boost tourism while also diversifying the local businesses and economy. 

The Namibia digital nomad visa allows applicants to stay in the country for six months.

Applicants may bring their spouse and dependents with them on the Namibia digital nomad visa.

With a low visa fee of just $62 upon arrival in Namibia, this visa looks like it may be one of the easiest to apply for. 

Namibia joins other African countries in welcoming digital nomads with temporary visas, including South Africa, Mauritius, and Cape Verde

We will update this article as more information about the Namibia digital nomad visa is released. 

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What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

A digital nomad visa allows remote workers to temporarily live in a foreign country. Typically, the visa term is anywhere from six months to two years, with some offering the opportunity for multiple renewals. 

To be eligible for a digital nomad visa, you must earn a sustainable income working remotely as an employee or business owner of a company located outside of the country where you intend to live or as a freelancer with clients abroad. 

Digital nomad visas are excellent opportunities for digital nomads who want to settle down for a bit after months of traveling, families looking to relocate temporarily, or those remote workers who want a taste of the digital nomad lifestyle. 

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Namibia Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

While we donโ€™t have a full list of requirements for the Namibia digital nomad visa, below is what we know so far. 

  • Valid Passport – Your passport must be valid at the time of applying
  • Work Remotely – You must work remotely as an employee, business owner, or freelancer for a company or clients located outside of Namibia
  • Earn $2,000/month – You must meet the income requirement
    • Earn $3,000/month if you plan to bring a spouse
    • Earn $3,500/month if you plan to bring a spouse and dependent
    • Add an additional $500 per month for each dependent
  • Health Insurance Policy – You must have health insurance coverage in Namibia during your stay
  • Clean Criminal Record – You must not have marks on your criminal record

If you meet the requirements, then you can begin your application for the Namibia digital nomad visa.

Steps to Apply

Applying for the Namibia digital nomad visa is straightforward and can be done in less than 15 minutes. It’s completed entirely online, so you won’t have to visit embassies or consulates for appointments.

Step 1: Gather Documents

Before you begin your application, it’s a good idea to gather all of the necessary documents. You’ll need to submit the following documents with your Namibia digital nomad visa application.

  • Copy of Passport
  • Proof of Employment
  • Proof of Income
  • Bank Statements from the last six months
  • Health Insurance Policy
  • Original Police Clearance from Country of Origin
  • Medical Certificate
  • Radiological Report
  • Motivational Letter from Employer
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable for spouses)
  • Birth Certificates (if applicable for dependents)

Your documents should be translated into English, certified, and digitized to submit with your Namibia digital nomad visa application.

For a full list of updated documents required to apply for Namibia digital nomad visa, please see here.

Step 2: Submit Application

You can find the Namibia digital nomad visa application here.

Along with the official application, you’ll find the Medical Certificate and Radiological Report on the last two pages.

After completing these applications and documents, you can submit everything in an email to [email protected].

Step 3: Wait for Approval

You will be notified of your Namibia digital nomad visa approval via email. Once approved, you may fly to Namibia with your documents.

When you arrive, you must pay a visa fee of $62 USD at the airport.

namibia digital nomad visa
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Namibia for Digital Nomads

When digital nomads search for their next destination, you may be surprised to hear that many are choosing to go to Namibia. However, with the incredible landscapes and adventurous activities, this culturally diverse country has so much to offer remote workers. 

With a relatively affordable cost of living of around $2,000 per month for digital nomads, you can live well, eat well, and make fantastic memories in Namibia. Many digital nomads choose to live in Windhoek, the countryโ€™s capital city. 

English is the official language of Namibia, making it easy for digital nomads to navigate their way through the country. However, you can also expect to hear Afrikaans and Oshiwambo spoken by the locals. 

From riding on sand dunes to lying on magnificent beaches to starting your morning with a hot air balloon ride, Namibia is packed with excellent adventures between your Zoom calls and meetings. Itโ€™s also an ideal place for digital nomads with a passion for nature photography, as the sights are truly worth capturing and sharing. 

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