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The website (hereinafter โ€œWebsiteโ€) is owned and operated by NMDS Oรœ (Hereinafter โ€œCompanyโ€ or โ€œusโ€), a limited liability company incorporated in the Republic of Estonia with the registration number 16725745 and registered address at Viru vรคljak 2, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia.ย 


Purpose of the Website:


The primary purpose of the Website is to showcase the activities and services offered by Nomads Embassy, a brand operated by NMDS Oรœ.


Information and Materials Disclaimer:


The information and materials on this Website are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as personalized legal advice.


Liability Limitation:


Consequently, the Company shall not be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, resulting from the use of information and materials found on the Website.


Affiliation Disclaimer:


The Company is not affiliated with any governmental or international body, including the European Union, the EU Council, or any official embassies.


General Information Disclaimer:


The content on the Website ( is purely for informational purposes. While the Company endeavors to keep the information current and accurate, we make no representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding its completeness, accuracy, reliability, adequacy, or availability.


External Links Disclaimer:


This Website may include links to external third-party websites. However, the Company does not verify, monitor, or endorse the accuracy or completeness of any information on these external sites. The Company is not responsible for any third-party content, and any use of such sites is at the user’s own risk.


Professional Disclaimer:


Please note that this Website is not a source of legal advice. The information provided is for general informational and educational purposes only and should not be seen as a substitute for professional advice.


Services Purchase:

Services available for purchase on this site are subject to our policies and Terms and Conditions, which users are advised to review thoroughly prior to any purchase.


Legal Disclaimer for Nomads Embassy:


Nomads Embassyยฎ is a protected trademark. The Company is a private company that facilitates digital nomad visa applications by connecting clients with legal partners. The Company operates independently from governments and does not provide legal advice, issue visas, or influence government decisions. Using or purchasing the Companyโ€™s services does not guarantee visa approval. While the Company ensures professional service, it is not responsible for the actions of its partners and does not cover any government fees or taxes.


Professional Service Networking and Visa Application Facilitation:


This document outlines the legal terms related to the service networking and visa application facilitation provided via Nomads Embassyยฎ, a brand operated by NMDS Oรœ. NMDS Oรœ is an independent company, not affiliated with any government, official embassy, or legal firm. The Companyโ€™s role is to facilitate digital nomad visa applications by connecting clients with the Companyโ€™s network of legal partners.


Key Points of Acknowledgment and Agreement:


  1. Independent Operation:


Nomads Embassy is an independent entity, not a law firm, and operates separately from any government agencies or embassies. Our services focus on process facilitation rather than legal advisement.


  1. Delegation to Partners:


All legal consultations and services acquired through the Company are provided by our partners, which include local law firms. While we facilitate these connections, we are not liable for the actions or services of these partners.


  1. No Visa Issuance:


The Company does not issue visas and has no authority in visa decision-making. Visa issuance is solely the responsibility of the respective government agencies.


  1. No Influence Over Embassies or Governments:


We do not have any influence over, nor are we affiliated with, any embassies or government agencies.


  1. No Guarantee of Visa Approval:


Engaging our services does not guarantee visa approval, which is determined by government agencies based on various applicant-specific factors.


  1. Service Provision Guarantee:


We commit to providing professional and diligent customer service and visa application assistance. Our fees cover only the application facilitation and do not include government taxes, application or other fees.


  1. Applicant’s Responsibility:


Applicants are responsible for meeting all visa requirements and providing necessary documentation. The Company is not liable for applicant errors or omissions.


  1. No Fast-Track or Expedited Processing:


Working with the Company does not imply a fast-tracked or expedited visa application or approval process.


Final Statement and Update Date:


By accessing our platform and engaging in our services, you signify your acknowledgment and agreement to these terms. This document was last updated on January 12th, 2024.