11 Popular Coworking Spaces in Lisbon for Digital Nomads

coworking spaces in lisbon

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Working and traveling as a digital nomad means searching for the most reliable wifi with a comfortable workspace. Many digital nomads in Portugal choose to work from coworking spaces in Lisbon to set up their desks and get their tasks done. 

While many digital nomads, especially those staying in Lisbon temporarily, will visit nearby cafes offering free wifi. It’s convenient and affordable, but for those remote workers staying longer with the Portugal digital nomad visa, finding coworking spaces in Lisbon is a smart investment for productivity and comfort. 

As digital nomads flock to Portugal’s liveliest and most exciting city, more coworking spaces in Lisbon have popped up over the years. Each coworking space offers a different set of benefits and features, requiring remote workers to find the one that meets their needs. 

In this article, we’ll review the most popular coworking spaces in Lisbon for digital nomads and why so many remote workers choose to set up their laptops there. 

coworking spaces in lisbon
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Why are Coworking Spaces Popular?

It’s really just in the last decade that coworking spaces have gained popularity. With the rise of remote work, more people are finding that while they do not want to be forced to go into an office, a coworking space offers the flexibility of having a separate workspace from home. 

Coworking spaces are ideal for digital nomads as they offer great amenities like free beverages, networking events, and office services like printing. 

Digital nomads know that they will always have a seat at a coworking space, unlike a cafe, and that the wifi is reliable. 

It’s also a great way to meet other remote workers and digital nomads in the area, broadening your social circle and business opportunities. 

coworking spaces in lisbon
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Who Uses Coworking Spaces in Lisbon?

Coworking spaces cater to a variety of remote workers. Some local Portuguese remote workers and freelancers may choose to work from coworking spaces in Lisbon simply to separate their home and work environments. 

Digital nomads who are staying in Lisbon for a few days or have settled there with the digital nomad visa may also use coworking spaces. Many coworking spaces offer day passes, perfect for the remote worker passing through and requiring a comfortable place to work for a day or two. 

Local businesses and startups will also use coworking spaces in Lisbon. Many coworking spaces offer private offices for new and growing companies who want their team members together but don’t want to rent out an entire office building or floor. 

You’ll find remote workers from all walks of life at coworking spaces in Lisbon. It all depends on which one you decide to go to! 

coworking spaces in lisbon
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What Digital Nomads Should Look for in Coworking Spaces in Lisbon

Finding the right coworking space in Lisbon for your goals and needs is important as a digital nomad. 

Below are some of the amenities and features digital nomads often search for when choosing a coworking space.

Strong Wifi

Usually, coworking spaces have strong wifi. It’s one of the most important features. 

However, in some cases, coworking spaces may have average wifi, which isn’t all that impressive. 

We recommend finding a coworking space with at least 70 Mbps to ensure you have stable and fast wifi. 

Comfortable Seating and Desks

Sitting in front of your computer for hours requires a comfortable place to work. Whether there are lounge chairs, luxurious office chairs, or a cushioned seat, finding a coworking space with seating that won’t kill your hips or back is crucial for digital nomads who spend hours walking and exploring a new city. 

Affordable Prices and Flexible Plans

Digital nomads live where the wind blows them. They require flexibility in almost everything they do; coworking spaces are no exception. 

Finding a coworking space with flexible plans, such as day passes, monthly subscriptions, or bundled day passes, makes it convenient for digital nomads just passing through a city or settling down for a month or two. 

Community Events

Many digital nomads travel alone or with a significant other, making it difficult to meet new people in their new destination sometimes. 

Finding a coworking space that hosts community and networking events helps to break the ice and make new friendships and business connections. 

Whether it’s a happy hour, fitness class, or entrepreneurial brainstorming, coworking spaces offer excellent opportunities to meet people from around the world. 


It’s common for coworking spaces to include free refreshments in their memberships. Oftentimes, this includes coffee and water, but can also include light snacks as well. 

Rather than going to a cafe and buying multiple cups of coffee to reserve your seat, digital nomads can have unlimited refreshments included in their coworking space desk. 

Meeting Booths

Depending on your digital nomad job, you may need to be on Zoom calls quite often. Many coworking spaces offer soundproof meeting booths to take your calls privately. 

coworking spaces in lisbon
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Best Coworking Spaces in Lisbon for Digital Nomads

As Lisbon becomes more popular amongst digital nomads and remote workers, we’ve collected a detailed list of the best coworking spaces in Lisbon to try. 

The Base Lisbon - coworking spaces in lisbon
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The Base Lisbon

Monthly Hot Desk: Starting at €159/month

With a large focus on building community, The Base Lisbon, is a coworking space that offers comfortable amenities and plethora of networking and community events. 

Furnished with mesh office chairs, sharable tables, sofas, and meeting booths, it’s definitely a place to find a comfortable place to work. Plus, their bathrooms are equipped with showers, making it easy to transition from riding your bike on a hot summer day to sitting down at your desk to work. 

The Base Lisbon only offers monthly passes, so this coworking space in Lisbon is ideal for digital nomads who plan to stay for a long period. The membership includes 24/7 access to the space and events. 

resves - coworking spaces in lisbon
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Resves Coworking

Daily Hot Desk: Starting at €22/day

Monthly Dedicated Desk: Starting at €260/month

Resves Coworking offers all of the amenities a digital nomad may need. Furnished with ergonomic chairs for comfortable working, free refreshments, high-speed wifi, 24/7 access for monthly members, and mail and printing services, there’s nothing more you could need!

With a focus on people and connections, you can expect friendly faces and fun events offered throughout the year at Resves. It’s also pet-friendly, so you can enjoy having a furry friend sleeping next to you ask you answer emails. 

second home lisboa - coworking spaces in lisbon
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Second Home Lisboa

Monthly Hot Desk: Starting from €250/month

Filled with lucious greenery and natural light, Second Home Lisboa is perfect for digital nomads who enjoy nature and bright open spaces. 

Amenities include unlimited printing, free tea and coffee, fibre optic wifi, 24/7 access, mail services, wellness programs and workshops, community events, and a generous guest policy. 

If you enjoy working in a park or being surrounded by nature year-round, Second Home Lisboa makes it possible to get that same feeling while under a safe roof of their coworking space. 

outsite cowork cafe - coworking cafes in lisbon
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Outsite Cowork Cafe

Daily Hot Desk: €17

Weekly Hot Desk: €70

Monthly Hot Desk: €150

A cafe turned coworking turned coliving, Outsite Cowork Cafe brings together the casualness and flexibility of a cafe and coworking features. 

Decorated with light and minimalist style, you can find a productive work environment, great food and coffee, and an affordable place to work all day long. Each membership includes one free welcome drink and space access from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6 pm. 

Outsite Cowork Cafe is perfect for digital nomads who love working from cafes but hate feeling like they’re overstaying their welcome. It’s a cozy cafe environment with the benefits of a coworking space.

impacthub - coworking spaces in lisbon
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Daily Hot Desk: €20/day

Weekly Hot Desk: €75/week

Monthly Dedicated Desk with 5-Day Access per Week: €220/month

ImpactHub caters to remote workers who are digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. 

While they offer desks and a coworking space, ImpactHub is also an incubator and accelerator for EU startups. So, for digital nomad entrepreneurs starting a company in the EU, these programs may be of interest and benefit to you. 

This is also one of the few coworking spaces in Lisbon that offers a free trial to digital nomads to come and try their services before committing to a membership. 

work avenida - coworking spaces in lisbon
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Work Avenida

Daily Hot Desk: €20/day

Monthly Dedicated Desk: €300/month

With two locations in Estrela and Liberdade, Work Avenida offers a collaborative and productive environment for remote workers, digital nomads, and businesses requiring office space. 

Decorated with a modern style, it creates an aesthetic environment to be your most productive. Plus the reliable wifi and comfortable seats help too. 

Services include mail reception, meeting rooms, printing, and high-speed wifi. 

now no office work - coworking spaces in lisbon
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NOW: No Office Work

Daily Hot Desk: €12/day

Weekly Hot Desk: €40/week

Monthly Hot Desk: €100/month

Monthly Dedicated Desk: €180/month

Freelancers, artists, and digital nomads looking for a unique coworking space in Lisbon will feel right at home at NOW: No Office Work coworking. Adopting a more modern approach to remote work, this coworking space is full of green potted plants, artwork and canvases, and a spiral staircase leading to the second floor loft. 

The warehouse-converted-coworking space puts an emphasis on creating a community led by its members. There are also monthly community events, such as the Lisbon Photoclub. 

NOW offers reliable wifi, an unconventional coworking atmosphere, free coffee, and a creative space to get your most demanding tasks done. 

a dama rosa - coworking spaces in lisbon
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A Dama Rosa

Daily Hot Desk: €20/day

Weekly Hot Desk: €89/week

Monthly Hot Desk: €219/month

Monthly Dedicaed Desk: €289/month

The beautiful palacio converted coworking space is known as A Dama Rosa, located in Principe Real. Decorated with wooden desks, ergonomic chairs, and detailed rugs, you’ll find peace and a breath of fresh air at this coworking space in Lisbon. 

A Dama Rosa caters to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and digital nomads. They offer comfortable desks, meeting rooms, refreshments, printing, fibre optic wifi, and a vibrant community. 

One of its top selling points is the lovely terrace with a great view of Lisbon. It’s perfect for enjoying the sunny Portuguese weather, taking a phone call, or relaxing with a cup of tea after a day of work. 

lisbon cowork - coworking spaces in lisbon
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Lisbon Cowork

Daily Hot Desk: €15/day

Weekly Hot Desk: €65/week

Monthly Dedicated Desk: €160/month

As one of the most flexible and affordable coworking spaces in Lisbon, Lisbon Cowork caters specifically to digital nomads and foreigners. They offer a special package for “American Hours,” perfect for remote employees working on US timezones while in Lisbon. 

Memberships include free refreshments, comfortable desk and chair, high-speed wifi, meeting rooms, and wellness programs with access to classes, a sauna, lounge area, and showers. 

There is a relaxing terrace where you can see the vast city of Lisbon and all of its beauty. 

workhub - coworking spaces in Lisbon
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Daily Hot Desk: €19/day

Monthly Dedicated Desk: €175/month

For remote workers and digital nomads who don’t need creative frills but simply a comfortable place with reliable wifi, WorkHub is the perfect coworking space in Lisbon. 

With affordable and flexible plans, digital nomads will have access to high-speed wifi, refreshments and kitchen, mail reception, and meeting rooms. The light and airy design with modern decor makes it easy to stay productive and reduces distractions throughout the day. 

time to cowork - coworking spaces in lisbon
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Time to Cowork

Daily Hot Desk: €20/day

Weekly Hot Desk: €70/week

Monthly Dedicated Desk: Starting from €300/month

It’s time to pull out that digital nomad laptop and get to answering emails at Time to Cowork in Lisbon. 

Equipped with multiple rooms filled with comfortable desks, multiple lounges with cushioned chairs and sofas, and a kitchen serving free refreshments, this coworking space is ideal for digital nomads looking for a reliable place to work from. 

Monthly and weekly members will have 24-hour access, perfect for digital nomads who work in various timezones. The clean and naturally-lit atmosphere will help you stay focused and productive. 

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