39 Popular Digital Nomad Jobs [Salaries 2023 & Descriptions]

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Digital Nomad Jobs

The number of digital nomad jobs you can do from virtually anywhere in the world (with a wifi connection) has increased drastically. As our world becomes even more digital, online jobs and remote work opportunities are endless.

You see people taking control of their lives and creating streams of income right online and enjoying the freedom to work from anywhere (and whenever) they want. How do you achieve this yourself, though?

As you scroll through TikTok and other social media platforms, you’re getting quick, surface-level advice on making quick cash online, but these aren’t necessarily sustainable digital nomad jobs.

You want something that you can grow and make a liveable income from as you travel the world – not just some side hustles that may make a few hundred dollars at a time.

Lucky for you, you’ve found this master list of digital nomad jobs that you can turn into a digital nomad career. So, whether you’re looking to become a digital nomad and need your first remote job or want to add a stream of income to your finances, you’ve come to the right place!  

What to Expect Working Digital Nomad Jobs

The digital nomad life is really what you make of it. If you want to spend your days on a tropical island in the Caribbean or the mountains of Italy, you can do as you choose!

Imagine waking up in a foreign country and not having to get in your car and commute to the office each morning. Instead, you pack up your laptop (or stay home) and find your favorite cafe to work from.

While the digital nomad lifestyle is pretty flexible, there are some standard experiences that come along with the jobs you can do as a digital nomad.

For starters, working remotely means being super disciplined. Nobody is watching over your shoulder to ensure you’re meeting deadlines and completing tasks.

In this digital nomad jobs list, we have a mixture of positions you can do as a freelancer, employee, or entrepreneur. However, if you’re looking for a job with as much freedom as possible to set your own rates and hours, you may want to consider taking the freelance or entrepreneurial route.  

Best Jobs for Digital Nomads

Without further adieu, let’s dive into our ultimate list of digital nomad jobs you can do from anywhere!

Virtual Assistant

Average Salary: $24.25/hour

Job Type: Freelance, Employee

Long gone are the days of sitting in front of your boss’s door at a desk every day, making appointments, and taking phone calls. Now you can be an assistant virtually and do pretty much the same tasks you would if you were in the office – save for printing documents and making copies.

The role of a virtual assistant is vast in its responsibilities. It ultimately depends on what the person needs help with to run their business. Sometimes you’re putting together presentations; other times, you may make appointments, while some need light social media management.

If you want to become a virtual assistant, I suggest looking for a position in an industry that interests you. For example, if you enjoy fitness and health, you can assist a personal trainer or nutritionist.

You can also set your own rates and hours for this digital nomad job. To increase your hourly rate, gain as much experience as possible and earn certifications in programs such as Excel, CRM management, and other tools you may use while assisting.

Social Media Manager

Average Salary: $3,997/month

Job Type: Freelance, Employee

Social media has become extremely essential for brands and businesses. It’s a way to connect with customers and promote their mission, products, and services. Your role as a social media manager is to create content, engage with followers, participate in trends, and review analytics, all while helping the brand increase its sales.

Being a social media manager can be a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy the industry you’re promoting. It’s also one of those digital nomad jobs you can do as a freelancer or as an employee for a company.

If you want to work in social media, you have to know the ins and outs of popular platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. This includes how often you should post, the formula for viral content, and more. It’s also helpful to know about the content vortex, where you can make over 50 pieces of content from just one idea.

Not sure where to start or have no experience? Create a social media account of your own (it doesn’t have to be a personal one) and grow a following through content creation and engagement. This is a great case study to show potential clients that you know what you’re doing when it comes to social media.


Average Salary: $4,100/month

Job Type: Freelance

When you read an advertisement on Facebook, a brochure for tourist activities, or a website selling a product, that was written by a copywriter. This is a great remote job for digital nomads passionate about persuasive writing to sell products or services.

Many copywriters are freelancers and work with brands to spice up their websites and work on marketing campaigns. They’ll write sales letters, ebooks, and other promotional materials for the business.

This is a different type of writing than what a typical writer is used to because it’s more formulaic. There’s a science behind the words a copywriter uses and how to evoke certain emotions.

However, if you’re interested in becoming a copywriter, it’s fairly easy to learn. I suggest reading The Copywriter’s Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Copy That Sells (4th Edition). It’s insightful and a great quick education on copywriting.

E-Commerce Manager

Average Salary: $4,775/month

Job Type: Entrepreneur, Employee

Online shopping is at an all-time high right now. People are choosing to order items instead of going to the store and shopping for them. This means there are more opportunities than ever to become an e-commerce manager.

E-commerce managers run online storefronts choosing which products to sell, running marketing campaigns, and ensuring shipments are processed, and customers receive their products.

This is one of the great entrepreneurial digital nomad jobs that can make thousands of dollars each month. The best part is that you don’t have to hold inventory if you choose a dropshipping business model, and it’s all done virtually!

You would be great at this job if you enjoy analyzing trends, conducting marketing campaigns, and managing retail-related projects.

To see if being an e-commerce manager is for you, take this Udemy course, How to Build a Profitable E-Commerce Dropshipping Business.

Affiliate Marketer

Average Salary: $4,997/month

Job Type: Entrepreneur

What if you could earn commission from selling someone else’s product while having the creative liberty to advertise it as you want? That’s exactly what an affiliate marketer does!

This role also falls under the title of “influencer,” but a true affiliate marketer involves many more factors than simply creating content and having a large following.

You can have a blog, social media channels, or run online advertising campaigns to be an affiliate marketer.

But how do they make money? When you sign up for an affiliate program with one of your favorite brands, you’ll receive a unique link. You then promote this link to your followers and earn a commission for each purchase made using your link.

For example, makeup bloggers or YouTubers promote certain products through tutorials or reviews. Their followers then want to try the product and order it through the affiliate marketer’s link.

There are endless creative opportunities to get into affiliate marketing, and you don’t always need a large following on social media, especially if you’re good with SEO and digital marketing.


Average Salary: $3,824/month

Job Type: Freelance, Employee

If you are fluent in more than one language, you may want to consider becoming a translator. From official documents to books to brochures, translators can work with any kind of written material. Sometimes they even work with translating audio as well.

Even if you don’t know a second language just yet, it’s never too late to start learning! It will take time to become conversational and fluent enough to start translating, but it’s definitely something you can work towards!

Many people living the digital nomad lifestyle are freelance translators. They market themselves and find clients who need translations. Some even partner with the embassies of the languages they speak to offer translation services.

Online Language Teacher

Average Salary: $20/hour

Job Type: Freelance

If you are a native English speaker, then you can easily find platforms to teach it as a second language online. Many companies require you to earn a TEFL/TESOL certification before teaching. Being an online English teacher also gives you the freedom to choose your own hours and rates in some cases.

The best part is that you don’t need any teaching experience, and you can do it from anywhere. Just be aware of the time zone differences as most of your students will be from foreign countries.

You can teach a variety of ages, from kindergarteners to adults looking to learn a new language. While English is one of the most in-demand languages to learn, you can teach other languages. Teaching languages like Spanish, French, and Italian are also popular online. However, it may take a little more effort to find students.

Are you a native English speaker? Get 15% off your TEFL certification today and teach English online!

Video Editor

Average Salary: $3,277/month

Job Type: Freelance, Employee

Are you creative and imaginative when it comes to videos? Then you may have what it takes to be a video editor!

Many people don’t have the time to learn video editing programs or sit down and actually edit their own videos because it can take hours. So, they look to hire a video editor to do it for them.

This is one of the best remote jobs because all you need is your computer and some headphones. No matter where you are in the world, you can edit your clients’ videos. The one downfall is that there are usually strict deadlines that you must meet.

What will some of your clients look like? Many people with a YouTube channel hire video editors to take their videos and put them together in an engaging and storytelling format. Sometimes you may have a client looking to edit an online course they created or an advertisement for their business.

The best thing you can do as a video editor is to choose a niche you’re interested in and become an expert in it. For example, if you love luxury real estate, you could edit listing videos for real estate agents selling high-end properties.

Before you go out and pitch clients, though, be sure to create an impressive online portfolio of your work to show them just what you can do.

SEO Specialist

Average Salary: $3,822/month

Job Type: Freelance, Employee

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it’s a crucial method for those who have a website and want to rank on the first page of Google. Becoming an SEO specialist means working with brands and bloggers to optimize their websites with keywords, content, and metadata for Google to recognize the website and suggest it.

If you want to become an SEO expert, it’s important that you enjoy looking at and analyzing data and trends. There are a lot of numbers and graphs that go into this job, but it can be extremely fulfilling when your client’s website finally ranks.

Since SEO is always changing thanks to Google’s algorithm, you must keep up with the latest trends and information. There are plenty of courses online that you can take, but my favorite is the boot camp videos from Ahrefs.

Website Designer

Average Salary: $3,433/month

Job Type: Freelance

Do you know HTML and CSS and enjoy creating and designing beautiful layouts and frames? Then one of the best digital nomad jobs for you is a website designer!

Even with programs like Weebly and Squarespace, where people with zero design experience can create a website, web designers are still in high demand. It’s also a great freelance job where you can work with the clients you want, when you want, where you want.

Now, you don’t need to have a ton of experience to build a website. Take a few courses in HTML, CSS, and overall web design to get started. Practice making websites and then add them to your portfolio to show potential clients.


Average Salary: $4,106/month

Job Type: Freelance, Employee

A majority of digital nomads started their journeys as computer programmers. This role entails creating computer programs and software by coding Python, PHP, C++, and more.

As a programmer or software developer, you can work for a company as an employee or freelance. The choice is yours!

If you don’t already have experience in programming, it will take some time to learn coding languages and practice. However, it’s an in-demand skill that pays very well, so it’s worth investing your time to learn.

App Developer

Average Salary: $6,042/month

Job Type: Freelance, Employee

You can download millions of apps right onto your phone or computer with a click of a button. But have you ever considered who actually made and developed those apps?

App developers are very similar to computer programmers, but they specialize in creating mobile or desktop applications. Whether they create mindless, entertaining games like Among Us or platforms for online banking, app development is a great job for remote workers traveling the world.

It’s also one of the highest-paying digital nomad jobs out there! As more companies create their own mobile applications, they need an app developer, which means this is a stable and comfortable remote job that will be around for quite a while.

Technical Support Representative

Average Salary: $3,846/month

Job Type: Freelance, Employee

It’s amazing how we can help people with technical problems from halfway across the world. Have you ever had a problem with your computer and called a support line where they could solve it with just a few clicks of a button?

Now, digital nomads are starting to work as technical support representatives worldwide to assist people in the same situation. Especially with the popularity of working from home increasing, more companies are investing in technical support for their employees when they encounter an issue.

If you’re good with customer service and solving technical problems over the phone, through a chat, or backend platform, then you may want to become a technical support representative.

Data Entry

Average Salary: $2,733/month

Job Type: Freelance, Employee

Getting a job in data entry is one of the best digital nomad jobs for beginners. It doesn’t require much skill other than familiarity with spreadsheets and attention to detail. Plus, virtually every industry needs someone to enter data at some point.

It’s fairly easy to find a job doing this type of work, and you don’t need experience to start. So, whether you’re looking to make some quick cash as you learn skills for more advanced remote jobs or truly enjoy entering data, this could be a great job for you.

Voice Actor

Average Salary: $5,605/month

Job Type: Freelance

Have you been told you have a nice voice when you speak? Are you confident recording your voice? Then becoming a voice actor could be for you!

Many digital nomads find they can be location-independent and make a remote income simply by using their voice for client projects. There is plenty of work out there from narrating audiobooks to recording voice-overs for videos or commercials.

This is an excellent freelance job and makes a pretty nice salary. The only startup expense you’ll have is the audio recording equipment. Keep in mind that you will have to travel with this equipment when living the digital nomad lifestyle, so make sure it’s as light as possible!

Graphic Designer

Average Salary: $3,729/month

Job Type: Freelance, Employee

Every brochure, advertisement, flyer, logo, Pinterest pin, book cover, and other illustration or graphic you see is done by a graphic designer. These digital artists are one of the most in-demand services, which is why so many digital nomads take on this job.

Graphic design is done through programs like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to manipulate photos or create layered designs. If you have an artistic eye and enjoy making designs on the computer, you should look into graphic design.

It’s important to find your unique style and choose a niche for which you would like to make designs. It could be anything from beauty to real estate to beverage products and so on. Get creative with it to find something you love designing.

Other than working with clients, a graphic designer can also make an income selling products with their designs on them. For example, print-on-demand services such as Printful or Redbubble will hold inventory and print the product for you. All you have to do is promote it.


Average Salary: $2,994/month

Job Type: Freelance

As you travel the world you’ll surely see some incredible scenery and people, which makes being a photographer the perfect job for digital nomads.

There are a few ways to make money as a remote photographer.

  • Sell photos to publications
  • Take photos for clients
  • Sell stock photos (AdobeStock, Getty Images, etc.)
  • Enter photo contests
  • Get paid for photo views (Clickasnap)
  • Sell prints and products with your photos (Printful, Format)

Since you’re already generally creative being a photographer and all, feel free to get creative with how your passion makes you money.

To get clients and promote yourself and your work, you’ll need a portfolio website. You can use software like Format to easily create this or build your own website. If you decide to make a website, we suggest using Bluehost as the hosting server and Divi theme if using WordPress.

Email Marketing Specialist

Average Salary: $4,051/month

Job Type: Freelance, Employee

One aspect of digital marketing is email marketing. Being an email marketing specialist involves creating email campaigns to bring leads through a buyer’s journey to sell a product or service.

These campaigns can simply be a newsletter people subscribe to, promoting sales and new products, and more. It also involves testing different email features such as headlines and the time of day you send it.

Sometimes the email marketer is also the copywriter and designs the email, so having these skills is also a plus. Other times it’s simply analyzing data and creating new campaigns for a brand.

Paid Ads Specialist

Average Salary: $3,972/month

Job Type: Freelance, Employee

Diving more into the digital marketing and advertising field, we have a paid ads specialist. You know the advertisements that come up on your Facebook newsfeed or between your friends’ stories on Instagram? Those were placed (and paid for) by a paid ads specialist.

This role entails creating a target audience to receive a specific advertisement on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and TikTok. You’ll allocate your ad spending budget to reach the brand’s goals in views, conversions, and sales.

This is perfect for someone who loves looking at numbers and testing different features to find what works. If you aren’t sure where to start with this position, take the Facebook Blueprint and Google Ad courses to see if it’s right for you.

Online Course Creator

Average Salary: Variable

Job Type: Freelance, Entrepreneur

Are you an expert (or just know a lot) on a certain subject or skill? Do other people want to also learn this information or skill? Then you fit the criteria to become an online course creator.

Creating an online course is an awesome way to create passive income streams as a digital nomad. You record your course, promote it, and watch the sales roll in! (Of course, there is more work to it than that, but this is the simple explanation.)

There are plenty of platforms to host and sell your courses such as Udemy and Thinkific. Plus, selling your course with such reputable websites can help you promote it better.

When it comes to salary, there’s a large range at which you can make. It all depends on the price of your course and how many people enroll in it. For example, if you sell a course for $1,000, then just 10 students will make you $10,000. But if you sell it for $15, then you’ll need many more students to reach that $10,000.

Keep in mind, when pricing your course, that it should match the level of value you’re providing. You can’t charge $1,000 for a beginner’s course that doesn’t cover absolutely everything about the subject.

If you’re interested in creating your online course and promoting it, check out this incredibly insightful guide.


Average Salary: $4,337/month

Job Type: Freelance, Employee

Do you feel joy when dealing with numbers and tracking expenses? Do tax laws interest the heck out you? Then being an accountant who works remotely and travels the world sounds like the job for you.

Also known as a bookkeeper, an accountant helps individuals and/or companies keep track of their expenses and file their taxes at the end of the year. There are different types of accountants, so find the job that’s right for you.

Most digital nomads who are accountants work freelance with different clients. Some clients only use them during tax season while others simply request consultations.

It’s important to mention that you must earn a degree and pass the CPA exam to become an accountant.

Self Published Author

Average Salary: $3,105/month

Job Type: Entrepreneur

Long gone are the days of needing to find a professional editor at a large publishing house to make your dream of being a published author come true. More and more writers are self-publishing their books and seeing incredibly lucrative results.

With easy publishing platforms like Kindle Self Publishing or The Book Patch, you can have total control over the publication, marketing, and sale of your beloved work.

Self-publishing your book also means marketing your book, doing PR, and promoting yourself as a new author. However, if you have a platform and a following, then you already have a great headstart.

Virtual Personal Trainer

Average Salary: $2,869/month

Job Type: Freelance

You don’t have to be in a gym every day to be a successful personal trainer. You can travel the world and do it virtually!

With online fitness classes and workout programs becoming more digital, it’s never been easier to be a remote personal trainer. You can help your clients through one-on-one calls, send text reminders to workout, and get updates on their progress.

The key to being a great virtual personal trainer is to be as informative and helpful as possible. Create videos of your workouts and personalized fitness plans for your clients. You may also want to team up with a nutritionist to include diet plans in your packages as well.

How much income you make depends on the price of your fitness packages. For example, you charge $100 per month to virtually train someone, create workouts, and a meal plan. When you have ten consistent clients, that’s $1,000 per month.

It is important to have a great website and to be active on social media to connect with your followers and gain new clients. Just imagine how cool your content will be as you travel the world and film workouts in some of the most beautiful locations.

Virtual Nutritionist

Average Salary: $3,136/month

Job Type: Freelance

Staying in the health field, you can also be a virtual nutritionist as a digital nomad. With the increasing popularity of telehealth, more people are trusting health advice through virtual calls.

So, as a virtual nutritionist, you can work with clients to create personalized diets and meal plans. It’s a good idea to specialize in one or two things, such as weight loss or improving gut health.

Very similar to what you may do if you decided to be a virtual personal trainer, you need a strong online presence. This means having a following on Instagram or TikTok sharing valuable information.

Before you become a nutritionist, though, it’s essential to be certified. There are plenty of online courses you can take, including one from Cornell. If you already are a nutritionist, then you can make your current job remote and still work with your clients virtually.

UX/UI Designer

Average Salary: $6,952/month

Job Type: Freelance, Employee

A user experience (UX) or user interface (UI) designer is a fairly new job introduced in the last couple of years. This role entails creating user-friendly designs for websites, platforms, apps, and other digital products.

Since the role is so new, there is such high demand for it. So, right now is the best time to jump in as salaries are fairly high. Very similar to graphic design, you’ll work with design programs to meet client expectations. If you’re already a graphic designer and want to increase your salary or switch things up, consider becoming a UX or UI designer.

There are plenty of courses online teaching people how to become a UX/UI designer and will even help with client and job placement.

Shopify Developer

Average Salary: $12,500/month

Job Type: Freelance, Employee

As I mentioned before, e-commerce and online shopping use are on the rise. Therefore, e-commerce managers need a Shopify developer to help them manage and design their storefront.

Shopify is an incredibly useful and popular platform that e-commerce managers use. However, many of them don’t know how to take full advantage of the platform. So, they hire Shopify developers to make sure the UX design is working, personalize the design, and more.

As there aren’t many Shopify developers right now, there is high demand, which means an impressive salary to go along with it.

If you’re interested in becoming a Shopify developer check out this course, How to Become a Shopify Expert to get started.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialist

Average Salary: $6,833/month

Job Type: Freelance

Another job in the digital marketing field is a conversion rate optimization specialist. Someone in this role will study a company’s website and test different features to increase conversion and engagement rate. So, they optimize the website so that more visitors become leads and eventually customers.

For example, they may test the color of the call to action button or the text inside it. They may also increase the website’s load speed and add pop-up windows for visitors to leave their contact info.

This is a job more on the technical side and entails a lot of testing and analyzing user data. Once you have a few case studies and experience of your own, finding clients to help optimize their conversion rate will be a piece of cake.

Podcast Editor

Average Salary: $5,600/month

Job Type: Freelance

It seems like everyone has a podcast nowadays, right? This means they need podcast editors to help them, which gives you a perfect digital nomad job opportunity!

Just like a video editor, a podcast editor will take the content from their client and edit and perfect it for publication. This can entail enhancing the audio, removing background noise, cutting out parts, and adding sound effects.

You don’t need much training to become a podcast editor. However, you will need audio editing software and some experience using it.

Virtual Recruiter

Average Salary: $3,866/month

Job Type: Employee

A recruiter is someone who fills open job positions within a company. They scout out the best candidates and convince them to apply and interview for the position. Sometimes, these recruiters work for recruiting agencies and make a commission if their applicant gets the job.

While this was usually done in-person and at networking events, things have changed and virtual recruiting has become just as effective. If you enjoy connecting with people professionally through LinkedIn and having conversations about their future, then you would be a great virtual recruiter.

Think of a virtual recruiter as a sales representative selling a job opening to someone who would be perfect for the role. You find their information and profile and contact them. You see if they’re interested in a new position, and if not, convince them to apply to the new one. You’ll be surprised at how many people you can help from anywhere in the world.


Average Salary: $3,103/month

Job Type: Freelance

If you have great listening skills and are a fast typer, then you might be a pretty fantastic transcriptionist. A transcriptionist is responsible for listening to audio recordings and writing down everything they hear. This text may then be used as an interview, video captions, or to create other content such as blog posts.

Usually, transcriptionists are freelancers who have multiple clients. Some even sign up for websites like Rev and grab assignments from job boards. Most of the time, transcriptionists are paid by the length of the audio they’re transcribing, but some may be paid hourly.

Two items that may make your job easier are noise-canceling headphones and a transcriptionist foot pedal. The pedal will help you switch between speakers and increase your work speed.


Average Salary: $4,616/month

Job Type: Entrepreneur

You probably follow vloggers on YouTube and watch their adventures and experiences. These personalities can have millions of followers and even more views. But, how do vloggers monetize their videos?

They make money by having advertisements in their videos. On average, vloggers can make $18 for every 1,000 advertisement plays. They can also make money through partners and sponsorships from brands to promote in their videos.

It’s pretty easy to start as a vlogger. The hard part is staying consistent and growing a loyal following. It includes filming, video editing, adding visual effects, and promoting your content. However, if you stay consistent and relevant, you’ll surely gain followers and start monetizing.

Amazon FBA

Average Salary: $100-$5,000/month

Job Type: Entrepreneur

Very similar to dropshipping, e-commerce entrepreneurs can utilize Amazon’s enormous platform and warehouse to sell products. Rather than stocking products yourself, Amazon FBA entrepreneurs rent space in the Amazon warehouse. The Amazon employees will then take care of packaging and shipping products when sold.

So, what is your role in this? You’ll have to search for trending products, find a supplier, create an enticing listing with keywords, and promote the product. It’s a great way to create passive income and make a lot of money quickly.

To learn the ins and outs of this business model, check out How to Start an Amazon FBA Store on a Tight Budget online course.

Travel Agent

Average Salary: $3,186/month

Job Type: Freelance, Employee

As a digital nomad traveling the world and seeing these incredible places, you want to share them so everyone can experience it as well. The best way to do that is by being a virtual travel agent.

Travel agents often make a commission from the trips they book for their clients rather than making a standard salary. They do get to promote some very exciting destinations and can use their social media to do it. What’s better than getting firsthand content as you visit the destination yourself?!

It’s important to be aware of network marketing schemes when it comes to being a remote travel agent, though. I myself have gotten plenty of DMs from travel agents asking if I “want to earn commission from my own traveling.” They will often tell you about a startup fee or monthly fee to access these deals and a platform, too.

While some of these companies are legitimate, just be wary before signing up under someone else to be a travel agent. Scout out host agencies and really do your research before committing.

Other than this piece of advice, you’ll have an awesome time booking trips for clients and promoting your own travel destinations as well.

Online Tutor

Average Salary: $3,667/month

Job Type: Freelance

Earlier, I talked about being an online English teacher. But did you know you can also tutor in other subjects too? With platforms like TutorMe and Tutor.com, you can connect with students who need some extra help in subjects like math, literature, and science.

This is all done virtually and usually for one-hour sessions. You’ll help them with their homework and supplement their classes with one-on-one attention. So, if you are well-versed in a certain subject or have a degree or teaching experience, you may want to consider becoming an online tutor.

Cryptocurrency Trader

Average Salary: Unknown

Job Type: Entrepreneur

One of the most popular and lucrative digital nomad jobs right now is a cryptocurrency trader. There is so much money to be made in this field – it’s almost unbelievable!

Digital nomads have made hundreds of thousands of dollars investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. It’s an entirely new world of technology and blockchain that you can dive into.

All I can say is do your research and try your (informed) luck in the crypto world. You can do it from anywhere and make a ton of money.

Customer Service Specialist

Average Salary: $4,079/month

Job Type: Freelance, Employee

Have you ever wondered about the people on the other side of the chat screen when talking to customer service? They are customer service specialists and sometimes they can work from anywhere in the world!

As one of the best beginner digital nomad jobs, customer service specialists will handle customer questions and complaints about a certain product or brand. Sometimes it entails talking on the phone, chatting via messenger, or even getting on a video call if you’re position is more sales-based.

If you’re looking for the freedom to create your own hours, though, this isn’t for you. Usually, people with this role must be online during certain shifts, so the time difference will matter when you work remotely.


Average Salary: $3,356/month

Job Type: Freelance

Do you cringe every time you see a mistake in a book or article? It sounds like you would be the perfect proofreader.

Many authors, especially self-publishing ones, bloggers, and content agencies hire proofreaders to check their material for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. You can find proofreading jobs in the medical industry with a heavy reliance on fact-checking or reading fiction manuscripts or articles.

It’s the perfect position if you love to read and want something you can do from anywhere in the world.

Freelance Writer

Average Salary: $3,065/month or $0.13/word

Job Type: Freelance

As an experienced freelance writer, I can definitely say this is one of my favorite digital nomad jobs. There was nothing better than setting my computer up at a cafe overlooking the sea in Croatia and Greece while writing articles and blogs for my clients.

As a freelance writer, you’ll create written content for clients in virtually every industry. This is why it’s important to choose a niche or two and really study how to write engaging content for it.

You’ll also want to have some knowledge of writing with a focus on SEO so your blogs rank on Google. Being a content writer also means knowing how to sell your client’s product or service through storytelling in a persuasive manner.

For example, you may write editorials for a property management company. One content topic may be common mistakes first-time landlords make. Then at the end of the article, you’ll suggest hiring the property manager you’re writing for and why they are the solution.

It’s also important to have a portfolio when you pitch new clients. If you’re just starting out, begin your own blog or write content on Medium. You can also offer your services to nonprofits to gain more experience. The more you write, the better you’ll get.

Virtual Therapist

Average Salary: $5,359/month

Job Type: Entrepreneur, Freelance

As we’ve seen over the last couple of years, taking care of our mental health is extremely important. This is especially true for digital nomads who are traveling and living in foreign countries and cities alone. Here comes a virtual therapist digital nomad job!

Licensed therapists are opening their eyes and realizing they no longer need to be in an office to help patients. Instead, they’re hosting virtual therapy sessions with telemedicine platforms.

As a virtual therapist also living a digital nomad lifestyle, you can connect even better with other location-independent patients. You know the unique struggles they face and help them cope. As one of the newer digital nomad jobs, you can claim to be one of the first people to do it!

Let’s also not forget that you’re making a great impact in someone’s life and helping them become the best version of themself from anywhere in the world.

Where to Find Digital Nomad Jobs

Now that you’ve gone through our master list of digital nomad jobs you can do from anywhere, I’m going to tell you where to find them.

Freelance Job Sites

If you choose to become a freelancer and work with different clients while setting your own rates and hours the following websites are great places to find digital nomad jobs.


Upwork has one of the largest job boards for freelance work of all professions. Clients will create a job posting and you can submit proposals to the ones you’re interested in.

When you have more experience and an optimized profile, you’ll often receive invitations from clients to submit proposals to their job listings. Therefore, it saves you a ton of time searching for new gigs.

There are two catches with using Upwork. The first is you need to purchase “connects” to submit proposals to job postings. While they’re only a few cents and tax-deductible, it can be frustrating for someone just starting.

The second catch is Upwork takes a percentage of your income as commission. When you first start working with a client, Upwork takes 20% of what you make until you’ve made $500 with that client. After the $500 mark, they reduce the commission to 10%.

Even with these two details, Upwork is still a great platform and my personal favorite to find clients for my freelance writing business.


Another freelance job site is Fiverr. It’s a marketplace where freelancers can create specialized gigs with set prices and descriptions of what kinds of packages they offer. So, instead of you, the freelancer, scrolling through job posts, clients will search for you.

It can be a bit saturated, so you will need a highly optimized freelance profile to stand out when clients search for your skill.

The catch with Fiverr, though is that it will always take a 20% commission of what you make, no matter the price of your contracted gig.

While these fees seem high, they are the price you pay for being featured on a platform used worldwide. Without them,  you would have exposure to thousands of potential clients.

Other Remote Job Sites

Maybe you don’t want to go the freelance route and would rather work for someone full- or part-time. There are plenty of sites you can browse searching for digital nomad jobs for you.


FlexJobs will help you land a remote job through tutorials and resume assistance. They also have valuable content about interviewing for a remote position to help you land the position. They also filter and screen each job posting so you know each position is legitimate.

Working Nomads

A job posting website specifically for digital nomad jobs, Working Nomads is simple and easy to use. You’ll find different industries on the lefthand side that you can choose from. Scroll through the listings and find one that looks interesting and apply on the company’s website.

We Work Remotely

For those digital nomads who are looking for a job in programming, web design, or other technical positions, We Work Remotely has what you’re looking for. They also offer a learning package to get you ready to work remotely with webinars and one-on-one coaching and consultations.

Skip the Drive

Another job posting platform that’s easy to navigate is Skip the Drive. With plenty of job category breakdowns and a unique job application tracking feature, you can quickly and easily search for a remote job. It also has a micro-tasks section for quick, one-day gigs you can complete for some fast cash when you need it.

Remote Tech Jobs

If you’re searching for a remote job in the tech and programming field, then Remote Tech Jobs is your all-in-one solution. This job posting site is dedicated to technical jobs such as WordPress developers, blockchain, software engineering, and more. You can sort through the type of tech job you’re looking for and easily apply right on the website. Plus, you can sign up for job alerts right to your email for quick and easy remote job hunting. 


One of the most popular online job board sites Indeed is has a unique advantage over the others. This platform allows you to upload your resume so recruiters can also find you. This gives you even more opportunities to land a great remote job.

Why Your Digital Nomad Salary Matters

When you love what you do, you may not think too much about your salary. However, if your goal is to live a nomadic lifestyle and apply for a digital nomad visa, then it does matter how much you make.

These digital nomad visas allow remote workers to temporarily relocate to a foreign country. However, most digital nomad visas have a minimum income requirement and need proof of income to be eligible for it.

For this reason, it is important to consider how much money you earn monthly with your digital nomad job to ensure you’re eligible for the visa you wish to apply for.

Begin Your Digital Nomad Journey Today

The hardest part of starting your digital nomad journey is finding a job you can do from anywhere. Fortunately, you have an entire list of awesome remote jobs right in front of you and where to find them!

Now that you’re on your way to becoming a digital nomad, it’s time to surround yourself with like-minded people. The best way to do that is by joining an online community, like Nomads Embassy!

Connect with other digital nomads and ask all of your questions about the lifestyle, destinations, and even advice on working remotely. It will make your digital nomad journey so much easier.

Join the Nomads Embassy Exclusive Community Today! 

Once you have your digital nomad job stable and for at least six months, then you may want to consider applying for a digital nomad visa and move abroad. Nomads Embassy can help!

We’ve hand-selected local immigration lawyers worldwide to assist you with your digital nomad visa application and relocation abroad for a simple and stress-free process.

Contact us to see if you’re eligible for a digital nomad visa today!

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