About Us

Nomads Embassy makes becoming a digital nomad a whole lot easier. 

Imagine waking up in a new country every month, exploring different cities, tasting exotic foods, and adopting new cultures. Meet people from all walks of life and create unforgettable memories all while making an income on the road. 

There’s just one problem – you don’t know where to start.

Nomads Embassy has the answers to all of your digital nomad questions. From destinations to visas to taxes, Nomads Embassy guides you in the right direction to live a fulfilling digital nomad lifestyle. 

With our interactive platform, innovative step-by-step process, and one-on-one assistance, you’ll have an organized direction to start your digital nomad lifestyle. 

Begin your digital nomad journey by joining the exclusive community and speaking with our trained ambassadors to help you make a plan for how to get started. Discuss where you want to go, where you should stay, the type of insurance you need, and much more. 

While you’re on the road, make sure to look for our Nomads Embassy Approved stickers around cities. From cafes to coworking spots to living accommodations, Nomads Embassy makes it convenient to find establishments around the world that are perfect for a comfortable digital nomad lifestyle.

Nomads Embassy is the only place in the world that helps you live a location-independent lifestyle with 24/7 support and a guided process. 

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