Best Digital Nomad Destinations 2021: COVID Edition

It’s been challenging for digital nomad destinations in 2021, with the COVID-19 pandemic taking the world hostage. As borders slowly reopen, digital nomads have been itching to discover a new destination.  You’re probably aware of the top digital nomad destinations like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Vietnam, but these borders are still closed as of early […]

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11 Undeniable Reasons Why Italy is the Next Digital Nomad Hotspot

When you think of Italy, you probably imagine vacationing along the Amalfi Coast or visiting the museums and archaeological sites in Rome. But, what if you imagined Italy as a digital nomad hotspot?  Italy is quickly becoming one of the most ideal places in the world for digital nomads to flock and live under the […]

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The Ultimate Packing List for Digital Nomads in South America

Machu Picchu. The Galapagos Islands. Latin Dancing. Beaches. Mountains. Digital nomads in South America get to experience it all. You’re guaranteed to be enthralled with incredible cuisine, stunning views of nature, and thriving cultures. With a variety of climates and environments, digital nomads can experience the exotic Amazon rainforest or the chill of the Andes […]

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The Ultimate Packing List for Digital Nomads in Southeast Asia

Sandy beaches. Coconuts. Street food. Temples. These are just some of the things digital nomads in Southeast Asia experience. There are many cities in this region that serve as hubs for digital nomads including Chiang Mai in Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Nomads flock to this part of the world due to […]

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6 Ways to Protect Your Personal Information While Traveling

Years ago when you traveled, the only items you worried about when it came to protecting your personal information were your credit cards and passport. As technology has advanced and everything has moved to digital, it’s more important than ever to protect your personal information from hackers. Just one connection to a free WiFi hotspot […]

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The Ultimate Packing List for Digital Nomads in Europe

If walking through small, cobblestoned alleys in towns built in the early Middle Ages and the Renaissance, sitting down at a cafe with a single cappuccino with friends for hours, riding trains between countries, and having a variety of options when it comes to landscape and culture, then being a digital nomad in Europe may […]

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Top Destinations for Digital Nomads

You’ve decided to take the leap and become a digital nomad. You’re staring at the world map trying to decide where you’re going to go first. The world can be big and scary, especially if you are taking your first steps into the digital nomad lifestyle.  Some places are more or less apt destinations for […]

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