Greece Digital Nomad Visa: How to Apply [4 Steps]

You can now live on a gorgeous Mediterranean island or in cities with ancient foundations with the Greece digital nomad visa!  Announced in the summer of 2021, Greece is welcoming…

3 February 2022 by Brittany
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21 Cheapest Cities to Live as a Digital Nomad in 2022

Where are the cheapest cities to live as a digital nomad?  This is one of the most popular questions amongst those who choose to travel the world while working remotely…

1 February 2022 by Brittany
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Hungary Digital Nomad Visa (White Card): How to Apply

A new residence permit in Europe will be available for digital nomads this year. The government announced the Hungary digital nomad visa, also known as the White Card, for remote…

29 January 2022 by Brittany
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Updated List of Europe Digital Nomad Visas [2024]

If youโ€™ve been keeping up with the news lately, youโ€™ll notice that more digital nomad visas in Europe are announced almost every month.  While this is absolutely amazing news for…

27 January 2022 by Brittany
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Brazil Digital Nomad Visa: Apply in 4 Simple Steps

On January 24, 2022, the government introduced the Brazil digital nomad visa, inviting remote workers to come and live in the gorgeous South American country.  Digital nomads can stay up…

27 January 2022 by Brittany
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Romania Digital Nomad Visa: How to Apply [4 Steps]

The government introduced the Romania digital nomad visa on December 21, 2021. It is now officially available and accepting applications. Home to Bucharest, one of the best cities in Europe for…

25 January 2022 by Brittany
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51 Items to Include on Your Digital Nomad Packing List [2024]

The hardest decision to make after deciding to become a digital nomad is what to put on your digital nomad packing list before you embark on the journey to your…

21 January 2022 by Brittany
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Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa: What We Know [Aug. 2022]

The government introduced the Montenegro digital nomad visa at the end of last year. This is an exciting step for the country and fantastic news for digital nomads worldwide.  As…

20 January 2022 by Brittany
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Expert Answers Croatia Digital Nomad Visa Questions

Digital nomads have a new opportunity to live and work remotely in Croatia for up to one year. With the Croatia digital nomad visa, you can experience the wonderful benefits…

20 January 2022 by Jack
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5 Best Cities in Croatia for Digital Nomads [+ Travel Hacks]

If youโ€™re searching for a destination with sun, gorgeous architecture, fast wifi, and plenty to do, consider staying in the best cities in Croatia for digital nomads. This amazing country…

18 January 2022 by Brittany
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Digital Estate Planning: How Digital Nomads Can Protect Their Digital Assets

We live so much of our lives online in the modern age. Go back a hundred or even two hundred years in time and physical assets were the norm. Some…

14 January 2022 by Mike
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17 Brilliant Non Tech Digital Nomad Jobs You Can Start in 2024

When you think about digital nomads, you probably picture a web developer or programmer sitting on their laptop in a tropical place, but what about non-tech digital nomad jobs? Is…

22 December 2021 by Brittany
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