5 Top-Rated Hostels in Miami for Travelers in 2022

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Sunshine, sandy beaches, and nightlife like youโ€™ve never seen are exactly why many travelers stay at hostels in Miami. 

As one of the top vacation and weekend getaway destinations in the United States, Miami is popular amongst all types of travelers. From bachelor and bachelorette parties to family vacations to solo travelers who want to work remotely with new scenery, Miami has a little something for everyone

While known for its beaches, Miami is also a major city focused on business and art. Youโ€™ll find museums, great shopping, and incredible food, along with cafes and coworking spaces for those digital nomads who decide to spend some time in the city. 

There is a price to pay for coming to such a well-known and desired destination, though. With skyrocketing hotel rates and Airbnbs in the city, many travelers are choosing a more affordable option and staying at hostels in Miami. 

To help you narrow down your search, weโ€™ve curated a list of the top-rated hostels in Miami where you can rest your head, meet new people, and spend an affordable vacation in the Sunshine State. 

Best Hostels in Miami in 2022

Whether you are traveling on a budget or want to easily meet new people during your stay in Miami, these are the top hostels in the area. 

If youโ€™ve never booked a bed in a hostel before, make sure to read our guide about staying in a hostel first! 

hostels in miami generator
via Hostelworld

1. Generator Miami

  • Hostelworld Rating: 9.1
  • Accommodation Options: Private Rooms, Mixed Dorms
  • Outstanding Features: Pool, Onsite Bar and Restaurant

When you walk into Generator Miami hostel, youโ€™ll feel like youโ€™re walking into a trendy hotel rather than an affordable hostel. Located in the heart of Miami Beach, youโ€™ll be right in the center of all things fun in Miami. 

Guests can choose to book a bed in a mixed dorm with an ensuite bathroom or reserve a private room all to themselves. Youโ€™ll find comfortable beds with storage for your belongings along with desks and couches in some of the rooms for your use. 

You wonโ€™t be spending much time in your room, thanks to the welcoming and entertaining common areas. With an outdoor pool surrounded by lounge chairs and cabanas and table games and comfy seating areas in the building, youโ€™ll want to be with the other guests socializing and making new friends. 

Check the latest rates at Generator Miami

hostels in miami viajero miami
via Hostelworld

2. Viajero Miami

  • Hostelworld Rating: 8.7
  • Accommodation Options: Private Rooms, Female and Mixed Dorms
  • Outstanding Features: Outdoor Pool, Onsite Bar

Trendy, colorful, and super welcoming, travelers of all kinds love staying at Viajero Miami hostel. The outdoor pool with a painted mural is a great place to meet other guests or simply chill and soak in the sun. 

You can choose between private rooms or female and mixed dorms. The dorms range from four to eight beds. Each bunk bed has a curtain to create privacy, outlets, and a reading lamp,, making for a more comfortable experience. There is also storage under the beds with locks to keep your items safe. 

With a reputation as a party hostel, you can be sure that you will find yourself socializing and making friends quickly. Located in Miami Beach, youโ€™ll also have easy access to nightclubs and the sandy Miami beaches when you stay here.

Check the latest rates at Viajero Miami

freehand miami hostel
via Hostelworld

3. Freehand Miami

  • Hostelworld Rating: 7.9
  • Accommodation Options: Private Rooms, Female and Mixed Dorms
  • Outstanding Features: Outdoor Pool, Onsite Bar and Restaurant

If youโ€™re searching for a comfortable, sociable, and affordable place to stay, then look no further than Freehand Miami hostel. Located near the top sites in Miami and with a super friendly staff, travelers absolutely love their time at this trendy and upbeat hostel. 

Guests can reserve a private room or a bed in an all-female or mixed dorm. Each bunk has a hotel-grade 10-inch mattress for optimal comfort and outlets for convenience. There are also ensuite bathrooms, sometimes two in one dorm, for guests to share.

The outdoor pool is a relaxing environment to chill and socialize or read a book during the day. At night, the bar opens and services delicious cocktails that you can drink poolside. You can also purchase food at the hostelโ€™s restaurant throughout the day. The common areas are relaxing and thereโ€™s a space where you can set up your computer and get some work done if youโ€™re a digital nomad too. 

Check the latest rates at Freehand Miami 

selina miami river hostel
via Hostelworld

4. Selina Miami River

  • Hostelworld Rating: 7.7
  • Accommodation Options: Private Rooms and Studios
  • Outstanding Features: Outdoor Pool, Onsite Bar and Restaurant, Relaxed Atmosphere

Selina Miami River hostel is one of the best options for those looking for a more authentic and simple stay in Miami. Located in East Little Havana, the oldest neighborhood in Miami, you can expect a calm and relaxed atmosphere. 

Guests can reserve private rooms accommodating one to four people. Some rooms have an ensuite bathroom while others may share one with other guests. There are studio apartments available for those guests who decide to stay long-term and make Miami home for a while. However, the maximum length of stay is 14 days. 

Aside from the unique and colorful interior design, guests truly appreciate the outdoor pool and the bar that serves incredible cocktails. If youโ€™re a food-lover, then youโ€™ll definitely want to order from the restaurantโ€™s Latin menu and excite your tastebuds. 

Check the latest rates at Selina Miami River

art hostel wynnwood concept
via Booking.com

5. Art Hostel Wynnwood Concept

  • Booking.com Rating: 7.9
  • Accommodation Options: Mixed Dorms
  • Outstanding Features: Hot Tub, Communal Kitchen

Art Hostel Wynnwood Concept is an excellent laidback place to stay during your trip to Miami. Many guests agree that the value for the price is outstanding and that they would stay here again. With a quiet outdoor space with a bamboo hot tub and lounge chairs, youโ€™ll quickly feel relaxed and at home. 

Guests can reserve a bed in a mixed dorm room of four beds. The setup is quite simple, but comfortable and a great place to rest your head after a long day of exploration around the city. 

There is a communal kitchen that guests can use to make a meal at the hostel too. This is a huge plus for those who want to save some money during their travels. The common area has table games and tables to eat, read, or socialize too. 

Check the latest rates at Art Hostel Wynnwood Concept

casa rosa women's hostel in miami
via Booking.com

Bonus: Casa Rosa Womenโ€™s Hostel

  • Booking.com Rating: 7.9
  • Accommodation Options: Female Dorm
  • Outstanding Features: Free Laundry, Safe and Secure Environment

For solo female travelers who feel anxious or nervous about staying in a mixed dorm or hostel in Miami, Casa Rosa Womenโ€™s Hostel is an excellent option. Creating a safe and secure environment to empower female travelers, this hostel hosts social events and opportunities to meet other like-minded people. 

Guests can reserve a bed in an all-female dorm. The beds all come with premium quality sheets and a quilted blanket for comfort. There are shared bathrooms with updated features. 

The location is perfect and close to many retail and convenience stores. The hostel also has a shared kitchen where guests can cook and prepare meals. The free laundry machines are also great for those long-term travelers who need to freshen up. 

Check the latest rates at Casa Rosa Womenโ€™s Hostel

Benefits of Staying at a Hostel in Miami

While there are many traditional options for accommodations in Miami, hostels can offer a more affordable and sociable experience for many travelers compared to Airbnbs and traditional hotels. 

Affordable Option

Who says that traveling has to break the bank? It doesnโ€™t! 

When you stay in a hostel, you can save hundreds of dollars on your trip simply by sharing a room with fellow travelers like yourself. If youโ€™re out and about all day exploring the city or relaxing on the beach, it doesnโ€™t make a difference whether you have a private hotel that costs $300 a night for a comfortable bunk in a dorm that costs a fraction of that per night. 

Many hostels also offer free walking tours or discounted experiences for guests too. So, not only can you save on accommodations, but activities too! 

Social Opportunities

When you book a hotel room, especially if youโ€™re a solo traveler or digital nomad, it can be difficult to socialize and meet new people. Staying at a hostel in Miami can make that much easier. 

With comfortable common rooms and a social atmosphere, you can easily go up to someone and start a conversation or jump in on a table or drinking game. 

You never know who youโ€™ll meet during your travels; staying at a hostel simply creates more opportunities to do so.

Unique Experiences

No great travel story starts with, โ€œOnce I stayed in this hotel in Miami with my friend…โ€ 

No, the best travel stories start with, โ€œOnce I stayed in this party hostel in Miamiโ€ฆโ€ 

Staying in a hostel is always a unique experience. Depending on the characters who are staying there at the same time or the connections you make with the staff, youโ€™ll surely come out with a fun and crazy story to tell your friends back home. 

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