Greece Digital Nomad Visa vs. Hungary Digital Nomad Visa

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Comparing different digital nomad visas from around the world is overwhelming and intimidating. With so much information out there and things to consider, many remote workers feel like throwing in the towel. Today, weโ€™re exploring the Greece digital nomad visa vs. Hungary digital nomad visa to help you choose which one is right for your nomadic lifestyle

Greece and Hungary are in the European Union and Schengen Area but offer very different lifestyles. Greece is made of hundreds of islands in the Mediterranean, while Hungary is landlocked and considered Eastern European. 

However, both countries are ideal for digital nomads and host large communities of remote workers. Whether youโ€™re searching for a relaxing beach, a small Hungarian town, or bustling cities like Budapest or Athens, you can find exactly what you love in either Greece or Hungary. 

Greece introduced its digital nomad visa in 2021, while Hungary launched its digital nomad visa in 2022. 

Each digital nomad visa offers its own great benefits that visa holders will appreciate. It all depends on your expectations and desired lifestyle! 

In this article, weโ€™re comparing the Greece digital nomad visa vs. Hungary digital nomad visa. Youโ€™ll quickly see the differences and, hopefully, make a decision about which one you should apply for. 

greece digital nomad visa vs. hungary digital nomad visa
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What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

There are over 30 digital nomad visas available worldwide. These visas are for remote workers who wish to live abroad temporarily without changing jobs. 

Itโ€™s perfect for families and digital nomads who want to settle down for a year or two and truly experience what life is like in a particular country. 

One of the major caveats of a digital nomad visa is that the visa holder cannot seek local employment and must meet a minimum income requirement to be considered eligible. 

The goal is to live and enjoy the lifestyle of a foreign country while earning money remotely to support themselves. 

greece digital nomad visa vs. hungary digital nomad visa

The Importance of Choosing the Right Digital Nomad Visa

Applying for a digital nomad visa is a big decision that shouldnโ€™t be taken lightly. 

While they do not require you to search for a job abroad, there are some serious things to consider, such as how to find an apartment to live, if you can drive in the country, and opening bank accounts if necessary. 

There are also the tax implications of digital nomad visas that you must consider. Sometimes, moving to a foreign country can be detrimental to how much you owe in taxes if you donโ€™t plan accordingly. 

Choosing a digital nomad visa should be something you think deeply about and research. And well, if youโ€™re here reading this article, youโ€™re doing just that! 

Comparing the pros and cons of each visa and imagining what life will be like for you is a crucial part of picking the right digital nomad visa to apply for. 

Greece Digital Nomad Visa vs. Hungary Digital Nomad Visa by Nomads Embassy

Greece Digital Nomad Visa vs. Hungary Digital Nomad Visa

In this article, we are comparing the Greece digital nomad visa vs. Hungary digital nomad visa for an easy and straightforward way to assist you in making your decision. 

Nomads Embassy: The Worldโ€™s First Embassy for Digital Nomads has a mission to make the world more accessible to digital nomads by sharing verified information in an easy and comprehensive way. 

Plus, with our hand-selected local immigration lawyers and our Done-for-You Digital Nomad Visa service, weโ€™ve made the digital nomad visa application process even easier. 

From research to relocation, Nomads Embassy is here to simplify the digital nomad visa process.  

Visa Requirements

Every digital nomad visa has specific eligibility requirements applicants must meet to be considered for the visa. 

Greece and Hungary are no exception. 

Below is a quick comparison of the digital nomad visa requirements for each. 

Valid Passport

  • Greece – Passport must be valid for the duration of your visa
  • Hungary – Passport must be valid for at least six months after the visa term

You must have a valid passport when applying for the Greece or Hungary digital nomad visa. However, the validity period is different. 

Income Requirement

  • Greece – โ‚ฌ3,500 per month
  • Hungary – โ‚ฌ3,000 per month

Both countries require applicants to earn a certain amount each month to be eligible for digital nomad visas. 

Greeceโ€™s minimum income requirement increases with each family member added to the application. 

Work Remotely

  • Greece – Yes
  • Hungary – Yes

Both Greece and Hungary require applicants to actively work remotely as an employee, freelancer, or business owner of a company or for clients located abroad.

International Health Insurance

  • Greece – Yes
  • Hungary – Yes

Greece and Hungary require applicants to have an international health insurance policy covering them in the country. 

Clean Criminal Record

  • Greece – Yes
  • Hungary – No

Greece requires applicants to present a certified criminal background check free from marks. 

Address of Accommodations

  • Greece – Must present either a three-month or one-year booking or lease agreement
  • Hungary – Must present a one-year lease agreement or booking 

Both countries require applicants to present proof of local accommodations. 

Family Inclusion

  • Greece – Family inclusion allowed
  • Hungary – Not allowed

Greece allows applicants to include immediate family members on their digital nomad visa applications. 

Immediate family members include a spouse and dependents. Documentation, such as marriage and birth certificates, are required upon applying to prove the relationship. 

As mentioned earlier, the minimum income requirement does increase with each member included. 

For Greece, the income increases as follows:

  • Couples – โ‚ฌ4,200 per month
  • Family of Three – โ‚ฌ4,830 per month
  • 15% increase per additional dependent

Hungary does not allow applicants to include family members. If a married couple wishes to apply for a digital nomad visa, they must do so separately, and each meet the eligibility requirements individually.

This is important information to consider when choosing between the Greece digital nomad visa vs. Hungary digital nomad visa.

Application Process

  • Greece – In person at an Embassy or Consulate in country of residence or directly in Greece as a tourist
  • Hungary – In person at an embassy or consulate in or near the country of residence or online

The application process for both Greece and Hungary may be done in person either at an embassy or consulate in the applicantโ€™s country of residence. 

You can find a list of Hungarian embassies and consulates around the world here.

You can find a list of Greek embassies and consulates around the world here.

There is an exception for the Greece digital nomad visa, though. If you hold a passport that can enter the country visa-free, then you may directly apply for a two-year residence permit while already in Greece as a tourist. 

Hungaryโ€™s digital nomad visa also has an online application available for passport holders that can enter the country visa-free. 

Time to Apply

  • Greece – 20 days for the residence permit and 3 to 4 months through the embassy or consulate
  • Hungary – 30 days

When you apply through the traditional method at an embassy or consulate, processing the application and waiting for an appointment can take months. 

However, when you apply for a digital nomad residence permit in Greece, processing takes about 20 days. 

Itโ€™s important to note that gathering your documents before submitting your application and attending appointments can take about a month or two as well. 

Visa Term

  • Greece – 12 months with visa or 2 years with residence permit
  • Hungary – 12 months

If you would only like to live in Greece for 12 months, then you will not proceed with applying for a residence permit when you arrive in the country. 

If you wish to stay in the country longer with the ability to renew your stay, then you must apply for the residence permit in Greece.

Itโ€™s important to note that for Greeceโ€™s 12-month visa, you must apply from outside of the country. 

For Hungaryโ€™s digital nomad visa, the initial term is valid for 12 months. 

Renewal Options

  • Greece – residence permit unlimited renewals
  • Hungary Renewable once

When you apply for either the Greece digital nomad visa for just 12 months, you cannot renew it again unless you apply for a residence permit.

Hungaryโ€™s digital nomad visa is renewable once, allowing you to live in the country for up to two years. 

Government Fees

  • Greece – โ‚ฌ250 visa fee and โ‚ฌ1,000 residence permit fee
  • Hungary – โ‚ฌ220

There are government fees you must pay during the application process. 

Greece tends to be more expensive than Hungary to obtain a digital nomad visa and residence permit. 

Path to Permanent Residency

  • Greece – Yes, after 5 years
  • Hungary – No

After living in Greece for five consecutive years and meeting minimum stay requirements, you may apply for permanent residency there. 

There are additional criteria and requirements for eligibility, but the digital nomad visas can put you on a path to both permanent residency or citizenship. 

Hungaryโ€™s digital nomad visa does not lead to permanent residency.

Tax Implications

  • Greece – Gray area
  • Hungary – Tax Resident

Taxes are one of the most complicated aspects of applying for a digital nomad visa. In some cases, like Greece, the law is so unclear that nobody knows if digital nomads will owe taxes or not. 

The general rule of thumb for Greece digital nomad visas is that the digital nomad will not owe taxes even if they live in the country for 183 days out of the year. However, if they purchase property or a car, then they will be liable to pay local taxes annually. 

The Hungary digital nomad visa automatically determines visa holders are tax residents, especially because they must stay in the country at least six months out of the year. 

Ease of Applying for the Digital Nomad Visa on Your Own

  • Greece – 7/10
  • Hungary – 5/10

While it is completely possible to apply for both the Greece and Hungary digital nomad visas on your own, it has not proven to be easy. 

When dealing with embassies or consulates, you can count on long wait times on phone calls, emails, and low-tier custom service. There also tends to be a lot of miscommunication between the consulate, the government, and applicants. 

Applying for a digital nomad visa with an immigration lawyer can ease this stress and miscommunication. Part of the lawyerโ€™s job is to communicate with the embassy, consulate, and other authorities on your behalf so you donโ€™t have to wait on hold for hours. 

Having a local immigration lawyer that speaks the language can also help you get questions answered, push your application faster, and get updates on the status of your application quicker. 

greece digital nomad visa vs. hungary digital nomad visa
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Check Your Visa Eligibility with Nomads Embassy

Did this article help you decide which digital nomad visa to apply for? 

After weighing the pros and cons of the Greece digital nomad visa vs. Hungary digital nomad visa, you probably have a better understanding of which is best for your lifestyle and goals. 

Deciding which digital nomad visa to apply for is just the first step. Now, itโ€™s time to connect with a local immigration lawyer to assist you with your relocation process. 

Nomads Embassy is here to help connect you with our hand-selected and verified immigration lawyers worldwide.

To begin your digital nomad visa application process, request our free eligibility check today!

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