Portugal Opens World’s First Digital Nomad Village

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Last Updated on 10 January 2022 by Brittany

Imagine living in a digital nomad village and being surrounded by like-minded people who enjoy traveling just as much as you do. 

It’s now possible! 

Portugal will open the world’s first digital nomad village on February 1, 2021, on the Maderia Islands. 

Gonçalo Hall, a Digital Nomadism Consultant, created the idea and partnered with Madeira’s government to make the village a reality. 

There are many perks for digital nomads living in the first digital nomad village such as networking and being one of the first to experience this incredible opportunity. 

Where is Madeira?

Four archipelago islands off the west coast of Africa make up Madeira. While it’s quite a ways from mainland Europe, it is still part of Portugal. 

High rolling cliffs of greenery and serene beaches define these gorgeous tropical islands. The weather is almost always perfect with optimal sunlight and warmth. 

Ideal for hiking, surfing, and simply relaxing, Madeira was named the best island destination in the world six times! 

Digital Nomad Village Details

The digital nomad village is located in Ponta de Sol, a small town on the coast with just 8,200 inhabitants. 

From February 1st to June 30th, digital nomads can reserve a spot in the digital nomad village. However, there are only 100 spots available at a time and each person must commit to staying for at least one month. 

There are some pretty enticing benefits to living in the digital nomad village. Your stay will include a free desk and chair, free WiFi from 8 am to 10 pm, and access to the community Slack channel. 

Plus, the village will plan and host events for digital nomads to network and enjoy the island in each others’ company. 

Since space is so limited, digital nomads must apply to reserve a spot in the village. You can find more information and applications here.

Expect More Digital Nomad Villages in the Future

With the rising trend of digital nomadism, you can expect to see more villages like this one pop up around the world.   

As remote work opportunities continue to increase, more and more people are turning to the digital nomad lifestyle. So, you can expect to see more physical communities for digital nomads created. 

Many countries are already introducing digital nomad visas – including the Portugal digital nomad visa. This is just the first step to welcoming digital nomads and building a village. 

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