How Many Digital Nomads Are There? More Than You Think

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How many digital nomads are there in the world right now?

You arenโ€™t the first person to wonder just how many people live a lifestyle of traveling the world and working remotely. 

Itโ€™s challenging to get an exact number of how many digital nomads there are. This is due to the constant movement of individuals and the freshness of the lifestyle trend. 

According to a study conducted by MBO Partners in 2018, 4.8 million Americans identified themselves as digital nomads. 

What does this mean? There are actually more than that many digital nomads in the world in 2021! 

Another interesting statistic that came from this study is that 17 million people want to become digital nomads. 

Whatโ€™s a Digital Nomad?

Before we dive even further into statistics and demographics about digital nomads, letโ€™s discuss what a digital nomad is. 

A digital nomad is someone who travels the world full-time while working remotely. 

There are no set rules or requirements for someone to be a digital nomad as long as they do what is stated above. 

They can work full or part-time jobs or run their own businesses. 

They can live in a foreign country for three months or every other week. 

This is a lifestyle of freedom where people can get what they want from it. 

Are Remote Workers Digital Nomads?

No, remote workers are not digital nomads. But they can be! 

In 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people experienced working remotely. In fact, 70% of full-time employees were required to work remotely at some point during the pandemic. 

Realizing just how efficient and effective remote working was, many businesses have decided to allow their employees to stay remote if they wish. Upwork predicts that 22% of the US workforce will work remotely by 2025. 

So, what does this mean for how many digital nomads there are? 

It means more people are likely to partake in the digital nomad lifestyle. No longer will employees be tied down to their city to commute to the office every day. They will have the freedom to live where they want without jeopardizing their careers. 

Current Digital Nomad Demographics

Who are the current digital nomads globetrotting with their laptops in hand?

Thanks to Digital Nomad Help, we have some pretty interesting statistics about those 4.8 million digital nomads in the world. 

Digital nomads are typically between 25-34, and 51% are women while 47% are men.

The most common jobs held by digital nomads are:

  • Software Engineer
  • Writer
  • E-Commerce
  • Consultant
  • Graphic Designer

They also found that 24% of digital nomads were freelancers, 19% were startup founders, and 19% were employed by a company. 

The most popular destinations where digital nomads live include Thailand, Colombia, and Indonesia. 

As you can see, digital nomads can be pretty diverse while still having one thing in common – their love for traveling the world and creating a lifestyle they love. 

An Infinitely Increasing Trend

By 2035, there are expected to be over 1 billion digital nomads in the world. 

Itโ€™s definitely a plausible prediction, especially now that the pandemic has set a match to the fire and fueling remote work opportunities. 

The world is jumping on board and inviting digital nomads to pursue their lifestyle. A handful of countries are already offering digital nomad visas to remote workers who want to live abroad. 

I guarantee, within the next few years, all youโ€™ll be hearing about is the digital nomad lifestyle. 

Benefits of Being a Digital Nomad

Why wouldnโ€™t someone want to live a digital nomad lifestyle? They get to choose where they live, explore the world, and meet people from all walks of life, all while making a livable income from their laptops. 

It doesnโ€™t get much better than that! 

Plus, digital nomads have created such a strong and inspiring community. The secret to a successful digital nomad is being part of a community. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people keeps you motivated, informed, and inspired to keep up with your lifestyle. 

Become Part of the Digital Nomad Movement

Are you one of the 17 million people who want to become a digital nomad? 

Do you want to satisfy your desire for freedom and travel the world?

You can begin your journey to a digital nomad lifestyle in just 5 minutes with Nomads Embassy. Through our interactive platform with a step-by-step process and one-on-one assistance, becoming a digital nomad is much easier. 

Plus, take our online course How to Become a Digital Nomad in 2021 for a complete overview and tips of the lifestyle and how to achieve it.

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