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Essential Time Management Tips for Digital Nomads

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Time Management for Digital Nomads

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Every remote worker can tell you that time management is essential for being productive and getting work done at home. However, time management looks different for digital nomads. Along with scheduling meetings, working on projects, and growing a business, digital nomads also have to make time to explore their surroundings and account for travel time. 

Digital nomads have the luxury of working whenever they want, which is a wonderful freedom to have. But this comes with the responsibility of managing your time and stop procrastinating on projects and assignments. 

Here are some helpful time management tips for digital nomads so you can enjoy living an exciting and successful nomadic life.

Practice Self-Discipline

To be self-disciplined is one of the hardest things to accomplish. There are no other factors besides your own motivation and determination. When you practice and master self-discipline, you’ll find that you accomplish more goals, both big and small, and live a more productive life. 

When it comes to working, rather than brushing it off and waiting to do it until the last minute, sit down at your computer and get it done. Once you’ve completed a task, you don’t have to worry about it anymore! 

The moment that you can successfully say that you are going to do something that you don’t particularly care to do at that moment, is when you have achieved self-discipline. 

Prioritize Your To-Do List

One of the best tools to be productive is a to-do list. Wake up each morning and create your list of everything you would like to accomplish that day. 

Once you’ve created your list, prioritize your tasks from most important and most difficult to the least important and easiest to accomplish. Now you know which tasks to focus on first. 

It’s also helpful to estimate how much time each task takes to complete so you can schedule your day accordingly. 

Schedule Your Projects and Tasks

Some digital nomads hit the ground running when it’s time to start a project. Rather than break it up over a few days, they get it done all in one shot. Others decide to work on tasks and projects a little at a time. Ultimately, it depends on what works best for you. 

Use your calendar to schedule deadlines and times when you will work on a project, whether it be all at once or in bite-sized pieces. This makes it easier to visualize what you have to do and how to fit it into your day. 

Have Daily Work Hours

It’s easy to lose track of time while sitting on the beach all day only to be up until 2 am finishing a project so you can meet a deadline. 

While working remotely gives you the benefit of working whenever you want, to manage your time better, it’s a good idea to set aside some working hours in your daily routine. If you can stay consistent with your work hours, you’ll find that you’re more productive and can better structure your days. 

During those working hours, be as productive as possible and get rid of distractions. Pause your notifications on your computer with Freedom so you can stay focused for hours on end.

Account for Travel Time

Some digital nomads enjoy staying in a city for a few weeks while others like to move around. No matter what type of nomad lifestyle you live, you should always take travel time into account when managing your time. 

Many nomads will claim that they’ll work while in transit, whether it’s on a bus, train, or plane. I know I’m guilty of saying it. The reality is, it’s hard to concentrate on your work when you’re crammed into a small seat next to a stranger who may or may not constantly look over at your computer screen. 

When you do travel, also account for delays, wifi interruptions, and time to settle into a new place. The last thing you’ll want to do is open your computer to work the minute you put your bag down. 

These are all factors that you must consider when it comes to time management. 

Increase Your Overall Productivity

Now that you’ve worked on your time management, it’s time to increase your productivity during your work hours. This means reducing all distractions, getting into a focused mindset, and claiming a designated workspace. 

You don’t want your hard work of managing your time to go to waste if you can’t be productive during it. 

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 720 views,  42 views today

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When I'm not writing and teaching people how to achieve a location-independent lifestyle, you can find me globetrotting, experiencing new cultures, and working on my amateur photography skills.

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When I'm not writing and teaching people how to achieve a location-independent lifestyle, you can find me globetrotting, experiencing new cultures, and working on my amateur photography skills.

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