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There is one thing that separates a successful digital nomad from an average digital nomad, and that is a digital nomad community

Becoming and living as a digital nomad out in the world can get lonely at times. You live a unique lifestyle of travel, freedom, and incredible experiences. Usually, it’s a journey that you have to take alone and make friends along the way. 

However, a digital nomad community can change that! 

When you join a digital nomad community when starting your lifestyle, you’re more likely to live as a successful digital nomad. These online and physical communities offer support unlike any other. 

The digital nomad lifestyle is still new and just starting to catch on. So, there aren’t many people who understand the unique problems you’re facing while living and traveling abroad and working from your laptop. 

From border-hopping to finding new clients to looking for a reliable phone service while living as a digital nomad, being part of a community makes it easier to be a successful digital nomad

When to Join a Digital Nomad Community

When is the best time to join a digital nomad community? 


If you’re currently a digital nomad and aren’t in a community, join one now and watch your life get better. 

However, the absolute best time to become part of a digital nomad community is when you are just about to start your journey. 

You’ve been thinking about becoming a digital nomad and are in the process of getting everything together to leave and live abroad. Right now, at this moment, is the best time to join a digital nomad community. 

It’s extremely beneficial to new digital nomads because they can learn from others and ask questions before they start their new lifestyle. You can learn the lingo digital nomad use, solutions to common problems, and even start networking and making friends. 

What You Can Expect from a Digital Nomad Community

So, joining a digital nomad community is starting to sound pretty great, right?

I mean, why wouldn’t you want to be surrounded by other like-minded people who can help you out when you’re in a tricky situation or teach you new things? 

Well, maybe you’re still on the fence about joining. Or you’re just being stubborn because you’re “fine on your own.” 

Okay, that’s your decision – but this is what you’ll be missing.

Friendship and Networking Opportunities

One of the main reasons people join a community of like-minded people is to make friends and expand their network. This is so much easier to do when you’re surrounded by people who have the same hobbies, values, and beliefs. 

So, as a digital nomad, one of the best ways to make friends with fellow nomads even before you leave for your first destination is by joining a digital nomad community. 

Isn’t it ideal to find friends who also enjoy traveling the world and going against society’s expectations of working in an office and waiting to enjoy life until you retire? You can find these people here! 

Tips and Advice

Digital nomads love to help each other out, especially when it comes to traveling. You can always count on finding great packing tips, destination suggestions, and WiFi advice when you’re part of a digital nomad community. 

This is also an awesome place to ask any questions you have about a certain destination (because chances are someone else has already been there), help with your remote job, or even paying taxes as a digital nomad. 

This is a place to come together and get real about your lifestyle. We’re all here to help each other out when possible. 

Work Opportunities

I mentioned before just how much digital nomads like helping each other, and that doesn’t stop when it comes to remote work opportunities. 

There are tons of digital nomad entrepreneurs and business owners who look for help filling roles they need within a digital nomad community. It’s common to find postings in these communities of digital nomads looking for graphic designers, copywriters, social media managers, and more. 

You never know what you’ll find and how much it can help you increase your remote work experience and income thanks to being part of a digital nomad community.

Shared Experiences

You can expect to relate to other digital nomads in a community through shared experiences. You’ll find some posts that are simply stories or reflections about an experience living as a digital nomad

These shared experiences are a reminder that you’re living a unique lifestyle that only a handful of people in the world can relate to. When you go home to see your family and friends, they won’t be able to connect with the travel stories you tell, but a community of digital nomads will. 

Sense of Belonging

As human beings, we crave a sense of belonging somewhere. The best way to satisfy this craving is to join a community made up of other digital nomads. 

I’ve touched on it before and I’m going to mention it again – the only people who can fully relate to your lifestyle of travel, entrepreneurship, and adventure are fellow digital nomads. 

The best way to find these connections and this sense of belonging are in a digital nomad community. 

Benefits of a Digital Nomad Community

There are a plethora of benefits that come with joining and being active in a digital nomad community. 

You’ll meet people from all over the world who share the same passions and experiences as you. 

You’ll get firsthand advice and tips about the digital nomad lifestyle and specific destinations. 

You could find remote work opportunities or partnerships to enhance your career and income. 

You won’t feel so alone in the world with a community of digital nomads behind you.

Digital nomads typically travel and live their lives alone, only making friends in passing while in a destination. Being part of a digital nomad community takes away this sense of loneliness that can overcome you as you sit on a plane by yourself or check into your new Airbnb. 

It’s your virtual home away from home. No matter where you are in the world, you can always count on support from your community.

Which Communities Should You Join?

There are two different types of communities you should join as a digital nomad. 

Local Digital Nomad Communities

There are tons of digital nomad communities in hotspot destinations that you can join. 

For example, if you’re living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, for the next month or two, you’ll want to join a community just for digital nomads in that city. 

Being part of a local digital nomad community will offer you even more specific tips and advice about living in that city. 

It also gives you a better opportunity to meet with fellow digital nomads in person. Many of these online communities will host in-person events, or members will get together for an outing or simply talk over a round of drinks. 

Nomads Embassy Global Community

The second digital nomad community you should join is Nomads Embassy’s global community. 

With members from all over the world, you’ll connect with digital nomads from all walks of life. Our members are seriously vetted to avoid trolls and the spread of misinformation. 

Plus, we believe in helping digital nomads become even more successful, so Nomads Embassy is always sharing useful content to help members become the best digital nomad possible. 

Are you finally convinced that a digital nomad community can help you become a successful digital nomad? 

Join the private Nomad Embassy Facebook Group and introduce yourself to a world of digital nomads today! 

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