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The first thing people wonder when they decide to become a digital nomad is where to start? 

Even though there are millions of digital nomads in the world, becoming one is still a confusing and lonely process. So, without a set process, you have little direction to follow. 

Instead, people find influencers who are already living a digital nomad lifestyle and read their blogs or take their vague online courses and webinars. While this can be a good place to gain inspiration and get ideas, it definitely doesn’t lead you to achieve a digital nomad lifestyle. 

There are many moving factors that go into becoming a digital nomad. Finding where to start is just the beginning. A great place to start taking our online course How to Become a Digital Nomad in 2021.

Here, I’m going to share the four main things you need to do in order to start a digital nomad lifestyle. 

Make sure to read until the end of this article because we are going to share the best-kept secret about where to start a digital nomad lifestyle that’s easy, structured, and supportive. 

Secure a Remote Job

There are two things that define a digital nomad: working remotely and traveling full-time. 

One of the best places to start becoming a digital nomad is to find and secure a remote job. It can be full or part-time, freelance, or your own business. 

There are plenty of jobs available. Check out this helpful guide for digital nomad jobs for beginners if you need a place to start. 

If you can support yourself and make a livable income from your computer, you’ve done one of the hardest parts of starting a digital nomad lifestyle. 

We recommend having a stable income from remote work before you leave. You don’t want to start your digital nomad lifestyle only to run out of money within a few months. 

For even more help finding remote jobs, download our Ultimate Guide to Finding an Online Job in 48 Hours for help. 

Become Part of a Digital Nomad Community

The key to being successful is to surround yourself with people you admire and who you strive to be. Famously said by Jim Rohn, you are the average of the five people who you spend the most time with. 

What better way to do that than to become part of an online community of digital nomads? 

Being part of a community is an essential place to start your digital nomad journey. Here you can network with experienced and other aspiring nomads. You’ll gather insights and valuable information about the lifestyle based on others’ experiences. 

You can join your first community here! Nomads Embassy: The Official Global Digital Nomad Network is full of motivated nomads like yourself sharing and conversing about this incredible journey.

Choose a Destination

The world is yours, but where will you go? 

You’re probably feeling quite overwhelmed with where to go for your first destination as a digital nomad. It sounds tempting to spin a globe and go wherever your finger lands, right? 

While that would be quite the adventure, some destinations aren’t entirely digital nomad-friendly. It’s important to research which destinations are fit for your chosen lifestyle. 

What makes a destination great for digital nomads? 

  • Affordable cost of living 
  • Great wifi 
  • No car required 
  • Good weather 
  • Digital nomad community 

Narrow down your choices by choosing a certain part of the world you feel particularly drawn to and has multiple countries you would like to visit. This makes it convenient and cost-efficient to travel to a number of places on your travel bucket list. 

Purchase Digital Nomad Insurance

I know, nobody likes to think about insurance. But digital nomad insurance is essential when living such a free and adventurous lifestyle. You never know what can happen while you’re abroad. 

If you’re wondering what digital nomad insurance is, you aren’t the only one! 

In a nutshell, it’s insurance that offers global health coverage and sometimes even some travel coverage depending on the company you purchase a policy from. 

I recommend you read our blog about what to consider when buying digital nomad health insurance

We make it even easier to find insurance for digital nomads with trusted companies, so you don’t have to spend hours searching for the right one. 

Join Nomads Embassy

And here’s the secret! 

The best place to start a digital nomad lifestyle is right here with Nomads Embassy. 

When you become a member, you’ll have access to an innovative and interactive platform with a step-by-step structured process and one-on-one consultations with trained ambassadors. 

It literally doesn’t get any easier than this. 

If you’re wondering where to start a digital nomad lifestyle, Nomads Embassy is the answer. 

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