Spain Non-Lucrative Visa: How to Apply [5 Steps]

spain non-lucrative visa

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With the newest launch of the Spain digital nomad visa, many worldly travelers may overlook or forget about the Spain Non-Lucrative visa

This passive income visa is perfect for retirees or remote working professionals who have set up passive income streams to support their lifestyles. 

The application process is straightforward and requires applicants to attend an interview at the nearest embassy or consulate. It can take up to three months to process the application, but often takes less, even between three and five weeks. 

After the Spain Non-Lucrative visa is granted, you may apply for a Spanish residence permit, which is renewable. 

It’s important to note that if you live in Spain for more than 183 days out of the year, you will be considered a tax resident. Therefore, you will owe local taxes to Spain. 

If you have passive streams of income that meet the income requirements of the Spain Non-Lucrative visa, then it may be the right opportunity to make a life for yourself abroad!

In this article, we’ll review the visa requirements, the application process, commonly asked questions, and how you can get professional assistance with relocating to Spain. 

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What is the Spain Non-Lucrative Visa?

The Spain Non-Lucrative visa is ideal for retirees and entrepreneurs who have established passive income and want to live abroad. 

It is vastly different from the digital nomad visa as you are not allowed to actively work to earn your income. 

So, in other words, passive income, such as receiving monthly rent from investment properties, dividends, pensions, or others, would qualify you to apply for the Spain Non-Lucrative visa. 

It’s important to mention that the Spain Non-Lucrative visa does not give you the right to seek local employment in Spain. 

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Spain Non-Lucrative Visa Requirements

As with all visas, there are specific eligibility requirements applicants must meet in order to be accepted. 

To be eligible for the Spain Non-Lucrative visa, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • Valid Passport – Your passport must be valid for at least one year at the time of applying
  • Earn Passive Income – You must support yourself with passive income
  • Earn at least €2,450/month – Your passive income must meet the minimum requirement
    • An additional €600 per month is required for each dependent
  • International Health Insurance – You must have an international health insurance policy that covers you in Spain
  • Clean Criminal Record – You must not have illegal activity from the last five years on your criminal record

If you meet these requirements, you may be eligible for the Spain Non-Lucrative visa!

Who is the Spain Non-Lucrative Visa Ideal For? 

The ideal Spain Non-Lucrative visa applicant is a retired individual or couple or a businessperson with passive streams of income. 

Since you are not technically allowed to actively work for your income, it should be generated from investments and pensions. 

How to Apply for the Spain Non-Lucrative Visa

The application process is fairly straightforward. However, you must be in your country of residence to apply, as you must attend an appointment at the nearest consulate or embassy.

You cannot apply for the visa from inside Spain. 

Step 1: Schedule Visa Appointment

If you have ever applied for a visa before, you know that it can be a long wait until you can attend your appointment at the embassy or consulate. 

Before starting the process, we recommend scheduling your visa appointment first. It can take weeks or even months before you can attend it. 

Find the nearest Spanish embassy or consulate in your country of residence and request an appointment via their website or by phone. 

Step 2: Apply for NIE

The NIE is the national number associated with every foreign resident in Spain. 

Before you can apply for the Spain Non-Lucrative visa, you must obtain an NIE number. 

You must request your NIE number through the embassy or consulate. You must submit your passport, proof of residence in the consular area, and form 790 code 12.

There is a nominal fee to pay. 

Step 3: Gather Documents

Once you have scheduled your visa appointment, you can begin gathering all of the documents you may need to submit with your application. 

Some of the documents you will need to bring include:

  • Passport
  • Two passport photos
  • Proof of income (bank statements, proof of investments, investment statements, etc.)
  • NIE number registration
  • Criminal background check no less than three months old
  • International health insurance policy
  • Medical certificate report no less than three months old

It’s important to note that these documents may require translation by a certified translator into Spain. 

If you are a US citizen or resident, you can quickly obtain apostilles for necessary documents here. 

You must also complete the visa application form to bring to your visa appointment. 

Step 4: Attend Visa Appointment

Once you have gathered your documents and completed all necessary forms, you will attend your visa appointment at the nearest embassy or consulate. 

During this appointment, you will undergo an interview, have your documents reviewed, and give your biometric data (fingerprints and facial recognition). 

You will also pay the necessary visa fee. These prices vary depending on where you apply. 

Step 5: Wait for Approval

It can take up to three months for the authorities to review your application. 

However, we are seeing trends of just three to five weeks. 

Once you have received your visa approval, you may enter Spain and apply for your residence permit. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

While in-depth articles such as this are very helpful when planning to apply for a visa, you may still have questions. 

Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Spain Non-Lucrative Visa. 

Can you work remotely with the Spain Non-Lucrative visa?

Technically, you are not allowed to actively work as a Spain Non-Lucrative visa holder – even if you are employed by a foreign company. 

However, the laws around this are a bit hazy and gray. It could even depend on the consulate or embassy where you apply. 

If you are a remote worker, then we recommend applying for the Spain digital nomad visa to avoid complications and wasted time or money.

Is the Spain Non-Lucrative Visa considered to be a Golden Visa?

No, the Spain Non-Lucrative visa is not a golden visa. While it is ideal for retirees, a golden visa requires applicants to make a qualifying investment in exchange for residency. 

There is a Spain Golden Visa available for wealthy individuals and pensioners who are interested in investing in Spain. 

What is the processing time for the Spain Non-Lucrative visa?

It can take up to three months to process your Spain Non-Lucrative visa application. 

However, many sources state that it can take just five weeks. 

Remember, your application must be accepted before you travel to Spain. 

Can I bring my family with the Spain Non-Lucrative visa?

Yes, you may include family members when you apply for the Spain Non-Lucrative visa. 

It’s important to note that when you bring a spouse or dependents, the minimum income will increase by €600 per month, per additional family member.

Will I owe taxes to Spain with the Non-Lucrative visa?

If you stay in Spain for 183 days out of the year, you will be considered a tax resident. 

Should I work with a lawyer to apply for the Spain Non-Lucrative visa?

While it is not required to work with a lawyer to apply for the Spain Non-Lucrative visa, it could make the process much easier. 

From verifying your documents to communicating on your behalf with the necessary authorities and consulates to increasing your chances of acceptance, working with a legal professional makes relocating to Spain less stressful. 

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