Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa Photo Requirements [2024]

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Gathering all of the right documentation in the correct format when applying for a digital nomad visa is crucial if you want a smooth and easy process. To help you get quick approval, weโ€™ve written a guide about the Malaysia digital nomad visa photo requirements. 

Many authorities, especially Malaysia, have strict requirements about the necessary documents and photo formats when reviewing digital nomad visa applications. 

Sometimes, these requirements change, which can make it difficult for applicants to keep up with information. Thatโ€™s why Nomads Embassy is here! 

Our mission is to make your digital nomad visa application process as smooth as possible to increase your chances of getting approved. One way we do this is by partnering with hand-selected local immigration lawyers to assist you with the digital nomad visa application and relocation. 

After speaking with our partners about the recent changes to the Malaysia digital nomad visa photo requirements, we decided to dedicate an article with specific instructions and format. 

In this article, youโ€™ll find everything you need about the updated Malaysia digital nomad visa photo requirements to submit your application. 

malaysia digital nomad visa photo requirements
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What is the Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa?

The Malaysia digital nomad visa was launched in late 2022 and is officially known as the DE Rantau Nomad Pass.

It is specifically available for remote workers that work in the digital domain, such as digital marketing, IT, and programming, and earn at least $24,000 per year. 

With the Malaysia digital nomad visa, remote workers can live in the country for three months to one year, with the option to renew it. 

The program also provides access to unique resources, such as networking events and discounts within Malaysia, to visa holders. 

Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa Photo Requirements

To apply for the Malaysia digital nomad visa, everything is done online. So, you must digitize all of your documents to upload them to the application portal. 

When applying, you must upload a passport-style photo of yourself. Below are the specific requirements for this photo. 

Photo Size: 35mm x 50 mm

Even though you are uploading your photo online, the Malaysia digital nomad visa photo requirements state that it must measure 35mm x 50mm. 

Itโ€™s also a good idea to keep a physical copy with you, just in case. 

Blue Background

Most passport photos have a white background, but the Malaysia digital nomad visa photo requirements state the background must be blue. 

Neutral Facial Expression and Positioning

Your facial expression in the photo must be neutral, with both eyes open and mouth closed. You must also directly face the camera to get a full photo of your face. 

Unfortunately, this isnโ€™t the opportunity to show off those pearly whites. 

You must also position your face correctly in the frame. The requirements suggest that from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin, your face takes up between 25 and 30 mm of the photo. 

In other words, your face should be clearly visible and take up most of the photo. 

Clothing Requirements

When taking your photo, you must wear dark-colored clothing that covers your chest and shoulders. 

While hats are not allowed, head coverings for religious reasons are allowed. However, it must not cover or cast any shadows on your face. 

File Format: JPEG Less Than 20KB

When uploading your photo, the Malaysia digital nomad visa photo requirements state that the file must be in a JPEG format of less than 20KB. 

malaysia digital nomad visa photo requirements
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The Importance of Following the Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa Photo Requirements

You may be reading this article and want to brush off these specific instructions. Itโ€™s just a photo, right? 


When applying for a foreign visa, itโ€™s crucial that you pay attention and follow instructions. If there is something wrong with your photo or a document, it could send you back to square one and delay your application approval. 

The Malaysian authorities are not afraid to turn you away or ask for additional documentation during your application review. 

To ensure that your visa is processed and approved within 30 days after submitting it, you will need to follow all document and photo requirements. 

malaysia digital nomad visa photo requirements
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Additional Documents Required for the Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa

There is a long list of additional documents you must submit with your Malaysia digital nomad visa application. 

These documents include:

  • Copy of Passport and All Pages (even blank)
  • Work Contracts signed by both parties
  • International Health Insurance Policy with Coverage in Malaysia
  • Certified Criminal Background Check
  • Address of Accommodations in Malaysia (reservation, lease, or deed)
  • Certifications or Accolades of Your Work
  • Resume/CV with Beginning and End Dates (dd/mm/yyyy format)
  • A Motivational Letter with a Detailed Description of Your Work
  • Annual Tax Return Report

You may submit your documents in English.ย 

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