Hungary Digital Nomad Visa Income Increases to €3,000/Month

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As of 2024, the minimum income requirement for the Hungary digital nomad visa has increased to €3,000 net per month. 

When the visa was first launched in 2022, the initial minimum income requirement was just €2,000 per month, making it the cheapest digital nomad visa in Europe

The information on the increased minimum income requirement had gone unannounced. During Nomads Embassy’s routine check-ins on the official Hungary digital nomad visa website, we noticed the €1,000 increase per month and knew we had to announce it to our members and readers. 

hungary digital nomad visa income increases
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Hungary Digital Nomad Visa Updated Income Requirement

The new minimum income requirement that Hungary digital nomad visa applicants must meet is €3,000 net per month for the last six months. 

To prove their income eligibility, applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Bank statements from the last six months
  • A certificate evidencing regular income issued by the employer or by the tax authority

This income must be earned by working remotely as an employee, business owner, or freelancer for entities established outside of Hungary. 

How Does the Updated Requirement Affect Current Applicants?

Hungary digital nomad visa applications submitted before the minimum income increase will still be considered with the previous required income of €2,000. 

Any and all new applications must meet the new minimum income requirement.  

hungary digital nomad visa income increases
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Is it Normal for Digital Nomad Visas to Increase Income Requirements?

It is more common than you think. 

Governments can decide to increase the minimum income requirement of digital nomad visas at any moment. 

While some digital nomad visas, such as Spain and Portugal, are tied to the national minimum wage, others are set at the discretion of the government, as is the case for Hungary. 

Digital nomads who are considering applying for a digital nomad visa and are concerned about the income requirement, we encourage you to apply as early as possible to avoid these increases. 

Why Do Digital Nomad Visas Have Income Requirements?

Digital nomad visas require applicants to earn a minimum income to ensure they can comfortably live in the country without relying on social and government resources for support. 

These amounts are what the government has determined is necessary to live a fulfilled and comfortable life in the country for remote workers and their family members while also contributing to the local economy. 

hungary digital nomad visa income increases
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