37 Books for Wanderlust to Inspire Your Travels

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Books are a wonderful way to transport yourself to another time or part of the world – no matter where you are at the moment. Here’s a list of books for wanderlust to ease that desire to travel and even inspire you to visit a new destination.

Reading these books for wanderlust can also inspire you to explore new destinations you may have never considered. As a digital nomad, it can be overwhelming to choose your next temporary home abroad

Instead of exploring Google Maps looking for a new country, consider reading one of these books for wanderlust to inspire you. 

Or maybe you have already decided on your next destination and want to know some more about it. Rather than reading endless travel blogs or watching boring documentaries, get lost in a novel or memoir set in that country. Not only will you learn about the destination, but you’ll be entertained as well. 

So, without trying to convince you too much more about why these books for wanderlust are perfect for just about any situation where travel is desired, let’s jump into which ones you should consider adding to your reading list. 

Books Set in the USA

The United States has quite a vast landscape and cultures all in one country. With people coming to settle from all over the world, there are a variety of stories to be told that take place in the US. 

The books included in this list are classic stories of exploring nature, large cities, and living the American dream. 

books for wanderlust - into the wild

Into the Wild

  • Author: Jon Krakauer 
  • Location: Alaska, USA
  • Pages: 240

Retelling the incredible and sad story of Christopher McCandless and his adventure (and ultimate demise) hiking and living in the Alaskan wilderness. 

McCandless decided to donate all of his savings to charity and go off the grid. Leaving his car, stripped of license plates, in the Mojave desert and discarding all of his maps, he takes to living off the land and finding new, uncharted territory. 

Krakauer follows McCandless’s footsteps into the wild, carefully reconstructing his story, describing nature as if you were standing right there next to him, and creating a staple piece in books for wanderlust. 

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books for wanderlust - new york

New York: The Novel

  • Author: Edward Rutherford
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Pages: 880

Starting from the humble beginnings of Native American tribes settling on the land that would soon become the thriving and prosperous New York City, Edward Rutherford explores the history that made the city what it is today. 

Twining together storylines of New York’s elite, the immigrants that made the city so cultured, and the major historic events that shaped the city, Rutherford leaves nothing to the imagination. 

Follow different families through various time periods as they strive to achieve the American Dream through the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, the Great Depression, and ultimate 9/11. 

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books for wanderlust - on the road

On the Road

  • Author: Jack Kerouac
  • Location: USA
  • Pages: 416

Written in just three weeks in April 1951, Jack Kerouac recalls his journey across the United States with his friends on a 120-foot scroll of tracing paper single-spaced type without any paragraph breaks. Known as the father of the beat generation, Kerouac is a true American legend when it comes to writing. 

Reading On the Road will transport you back to a time when culture in the US transforms from post-war to more liberal and exciting events while seeing some of the most amazing sights driving across the country. 

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books for wanderlust - a walk in the woods

A Walk in the Woods

  • Author: Bill Bryson
  • Location: Appalachian Trail, USA
  • Pages: 276

Deemed one of the most hilarious travel writers of our day, Bill Bryson takes us on his journey of hiking all 2,100 of the Appalachian Trail in the United States. After spending the last two decades in the UK, he decides to come back to the States and fully experience what it has to offer – on the natural side, of course. 

From learning about his experiences while hiking to following his walking buddy, Stephen Katz, you’ll surely laugh out loud while reading this memoir. Plus, it may even inspire you to disconnect for a bit and hike part of the Appalachian Trail yourself. 

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Books Set in Europe

Hopping across the pond, there are even more wonderful books for wanderlust set in Europe. From Western to Eastern Europe, you’ll find so many different and interesting stories told from all kinds of perspectives on this continent. 

Extremely rich in history, legends, and culture, I’m sure at least one of these books will inspire you to book a flight and experience life in Europe during your travels. 

books for wanderlust - the sun also rises

The Sun Also Rises

  • Author: Ernest Hemingway
  • Location: Spain
  • Pages: 272

Published in 1926 by one of the greatest American authors, The Sun Also Rises follows a group of American and British expats living in Paris after World War I. The group decides to travel to Spain to watch the fighting of the bulls. 

We get to know the main character, Jake Barnes, a wounded veteran, and his companion Lady Brett Ashley as they explore Spain and live a relaxed, yet tormented, lifestyle full of dancing, drinking, and appreciating living in a foreign land where they can chase their daydreams. 

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books for wanderlust - paris

Paris: The Novel

  • Author: Edward Rutherford
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Pages: 832

Yet another detailed and romantic novel by Edward Rutherford, you can follow the storylines of different characters and families, switching between different time periods, as Paris grows to become the art center that it is today. 

Explore life during the French Revolution, witnessing the construction of the Eiffel Tower, the lifestyle of Moulin Rouge, and the uprising against Napoleon all in this well-crafted and entertaining novel. You’ll be transported right to the center of Paris and grow with the characters and city itself as you flip through this page-turning book. 

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under the tuscan sun

Under the Tuscan Sun

  • Author: Frances Mayes
  • Location: Tuscany, Italy
  • Pages: 320

This inspiring memoir written in 1997 is still extremely relevant today. It’s the story of how Frances Mayes, a poet and travel writer, found herself (and inspiration) again after divorcing her husband. 

She decides to go to Italy and renovate an old, abandoned house in Bramasole, a small town in Tuscany. As she struggles to make the house habitable while also learning to cook savory signature Italian dishes, Mayes describes what it’s like to pack up your life and move to a foreign country for a fresh start. 

The lesson from this memoir: it’s never too late to start over. 

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  • Author: Madeline Miller
  • Location: Greece
  • Pages: 416

Author Madeline Miller takes creative liberty to develop and dive into the psychology of famous Greek gods and legends in her highly-reviewed and recommended novel, Circe. 

Set in Ancient Greece, during the time of the gods, Circe is born in the house of Helios, but is banished by Zeus due to her witchcraft powers to a deserted island. On this island, she learns to hone her craft, comes face to face with other great legends, and finds comfort in living amongst the mortals. 

She is then faced with a difficult decision, to be part of the gods above the world or live with the mortals she has become so fond of. Follow Circe during her journey in this suspenseful and thrilling novel. 

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my brilliant friend

My Brilliant Friend

  • Author: Elena Ferrante
  • Location: Naples, Italy
  • Pages: 331

Set in the 1950s with a backdrop of Naples, My Brilliant Friend, is the first novel in the series, The Neapolitan Novels by famous Italian author Elena Ferrante. The series follows two girls, Elena and Lila, who meet at the age of ten in their poor neighborhood in Naples. 

You’ll follow the loving and complex friendship of these girls as they grow up and become wives, mothers, and more while going through hardships of growing up in certain neighborhoods. Readers become familiar with the Neapolitan culture, language, and what it was like growing up in these thrilling, close-knit neighborhoods. 

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call me by your name

Call Me By Your Name

  • Author: André Aciman
  • Location: Liguria, Italy
  • Pages: 256

When two young boys find an intense attraction between them during a summer on the Italian Riviera, their lives change forever as they experience the consequences of their actions and attraction. 

Elio is quickly enamored by his father’s new assistant, Oliver, who comes to spend the summer working in his family’s home located on the coast of Liguria. You’ll follow these two characters figure out their emotions and understand their sexuality better while enjoying the colorful backdrop of Italy. 

You may have already seen the movie, released in 2017 with Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet, but you can always count on the book being better. 

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the painter's apprentice

The Painter’s Apprentice

  • Author: Laura Morelli
  • Location: Venice, Italy
  • Pages: 406

Set in 1510 in the majestic and unique floating city of Venice, readers will follow the story of Maria Bartolini as she is sent away from her home to become an apprentice to a famous painter. 

When she returns home, though, a dark secret is discovered that would jeopardize her family’s business. To keep her secret silent, she bribes the servants who threaten to expose her, but their greed grows to be too much. To top it all off, the Black Plague is also making its way quickly through Italy and the rest of Europe, threatening her family even more. 

Explore the dark streets of Venice during the Italian Renaissance and learn about the history of the art that we admire so much today in this well-crafted novel. 

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it's all greek to me

It’s All Greek to Me

  • Author: Charlotte Higgins
  • Location: Greece
  • Pages: 320

Considering spending some time in the gorgeous country of Greece? Then you’ll definitely want to brush up on your Ancient Greek history with this entertaining yet informative crash course. 

So rich and overflowing with history that created the foundation and building blocks of our modern democracy and philosophers who have influenced the way we see the world, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the great minds and politics of Ancient Greece. 

Get to know the thrilling myths and legends of Greek gods, the bloody wars that changed history, and much more while reading this well-written guide. 

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the tiger's wife

The Tiger’s Wife

  • Author: Téa Obreht
  • Location: Balkans
  • Pages: 384

Set in an undisclosed Balkan country recovering from war, our main character, Natalia, a young doctor, is determined to find out the circumstances surrounding her grandfather’s death. 

She finds her grandfather’s old copy of The Jungle Book and discovers clues and hints to the legend of the tiger’s wife and the deathless man. As you read this novel of magic realism, you’ll learn to love the characters and share their emotions of loss and love. 

Truly a unique and timeless story, this book will stick with you and inspire you to explore the Balkan countries of Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

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garden of eden

Garden of Eden

  • Author: Ernest Hemingway
  • Location: Côte d’Azur, France
  • Pages: 274

As the last piece of literature Hemingway ever worked on, Garden of Eden was published in 1986. The story is about a couple living a luxurious life in the south of France. 

They have everything they could ever desire; a pool to lounge by, bottomless drinks, dancing, and of course a great Mediterranean diet. However, they find themselves unfulfilled and looking for more excitement. So, they decide to invite a woman to join them as a couple, both erotically and emotionally. 

Experience and witness the drama of this couple and their torment, even when they have it all, while appreciating the slow lifestyle of living on the coast of France in the 1920s. 

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the da vinci code

The Da Vinci Code

  • Author: Dan Brown
  • Location: France & Italy
  • Pages: 597

If you’re looking for a page-turning thriller set in Europe with a believably realistic storyline of finding the secrets behind Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings and artwork, then The Da Vinci Code is the book for you. 

While it may not be the most literary example we’ve included on our books for wanderlust list, it will surely inspire you to book a trip to Paris and Rome and see these famous paintings in person. 

Follow symbologist Robert Langdon after he receives a mysterious midnight phone call and uncovers the dark secrets of the Catholic Church. He looks for hidden messages in da Vinci’s most famous paintings like The Last Supper. You won’t be able to put down this novel – guaranteed!

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Books Set in the Middle East

Moving further across the globe, we have our books set in countries located in the Middle East. Exploring a different culture from the Western world, you’re bound to learn something new while enjoying these novels and memoirs. 

the kite runner

The Kite Runner

  • Author: Khaled Hosseini
  • Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Pages: 400

An instant classic, The Kite Runner is an astounding novel about life in Afghanistan before and during the rule of the Taliban. Focusing on the friendship between two boys, this is a story of love, companionship, heartache, betrayal, and forgiveness. 

The novel starts as these two boys are young, one very wealthy while the other works as a servant. When a horrific event takes place separating the two boys, they find themselves face to face many years later as adults in the streets of Kabul. 

This story is not for the faint of heart, however, it does give an honest narrative of what life is like in Afghanistan. This is a book that will leave you thinking about it for days after you turn the last page. 

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reading lolita in tehran

Reading Lolita in Tehran

  • Author: Azar Nafisi
  • Location: Tehran, Iran
  • Pages: 400

In 1997, university professor Azar Nafisi hosted a book club in Tehran, Iran for her former students. They read and discussed banned books from the Western culture such as Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, and Lolita

Anyone who has ever been a part of a book club or has any interest at all in reading should pick up this beloved memoir of bravery, determination, passion, and friendship during a difficult and conservative regime in Iran. Witness what it was like to be a woman in Iran not so long ago and the struggles they overcame. 

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a thousand splendid suns

A Thousand Splendid Suns

  • Author: Khaled Hosseini
  • Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Pages: 432

Follow the lives of two women, Mariam and Laila, born a generation apart, as they live in a dangerous and changing Afghanistan. Known to be a tear-jerker and stirring up emotions in the most stoic people, A Thousand Splendid Suns is said to be one of the best literary works of our time. 

Your eyes will be opened to the culture and rule Afghan women had to follow during this time. You’re thrown into the streets of Kabul and introduced to a variety of characters, giving you informative history lessons and an inspiring story along the way. 

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falafels and bedouins

Falafels and Bedouins

  • Author: Noor de Olinad
  • Location: Israel and Jordan
  • Pages: 262

Go on a fun, entertaining, and all-around hilarious adventure with travel writer Noor de Olinad as she explores Israel and Jordan for a few weeks. As a foreigner navigating these new countries, she runs into plenty of surprises. You’ll see her being left behind on a tour and dealing with power-ridden border officers. 

See Jordan and Israel from a traveler’s perspective and enjoy each and every mishap, new experience, and falafel with this talented writer. You’ll surely love this memoir so much that you’ll be inspired to book a flight to Israel just to order falafel shawarma and go on a tour to Petra. 

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Books Set in South America

The vibrant and unique stories that come from South American countries are often overlooked by many readers. However, these are the best books for wanderlust to inspire you to add these exciting destinations to your travel list. 

books for wanderlust - perla


  • Author: Carolina De Robertis
  • Location: Argentina
  • Pages: 256

Set in Argentina during the darkest periods the country has witnessed, this novel follows the life of Perla Correa, a girl born with extreme privilege in Buenos Aires. She is always told to never speak of her father’s role in the navy. But a stranger shows up one night to her home that changes everything. She embarks on a journey where she will decide who she is as a person. 

With lovely writing and prose and a hint of magic realism, this novel will transport you to a lesser-known part of history in Argentina. Gut-wrenching and beautiful, this story will expose you to both the horrors and beauty of this country during this period. 

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house of spirits

The House of Spirits

  • Author: Isabelle Allende
  • Location: Chile
  • Pages: 496

While the country in the novel goes unnamed, we can assume that the story takes place in Chile. This story explores the politics and unjust rules enacted in the 20th century while following a group of strong women navigating the country’s state. 

Partially inspired by her true life events, Isabelle Allende does an incredible job capturing the reader and shining light on what life in Chile was like during and after the election of 1970. As one reviewer states, “Everyone who thinks ‘it can never happen in our country’ should read this as a cautionary tale for our times.” 

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turn right at machu picchu

Turn Right at Machu Picchu

  • Author: Mark Adams
  • Location: Peru
  • Pages: 333

The incredibly unique and sacred ruins of Machu Picchu were introduced to the world in 1911 when a local Peruvian child brought Hiram Bingham III to them. Travel writer Mark Adams decided to follow the footsteps of both the Incas and Bingham to Machu Picchu and record his journey in this entertaining and informative book. 

Many people claim that this is the only book you’ll need to either inspire you to visit Peru or to read before going to learn the most interesting and fundamental facts about the country’s history. A quick and light read, you’ll join Adams as he treks through some of the most remote jungles with an Australian survivalist in the Andes Mountains. 

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love in the time of cholera

Love in the Time of Cholera

  • Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • Location: Colombia
  • Pages: 368

This classic novel is one of the most beautiful novels to be set in South America. Follow Fermina Daza and Florentino Ariza as they fall in love at a young age, but don’t end up together.

As Fermina marries and has children of her own, Florentino watches in the distance, longing to one day be with her. Finally, 50 years after declaring his love, Florentina attends the funeral of her husband in hopes of finally being together. 

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Books Set in Africa

The diverse continent of Africa is full of intriguing stories, landscapes, and cultures that shouldn’t be ignored while browsing for your next book for wanderlust. Get in touch with some of the most incredible nature and animals or dive deep into the history of ancient times with these interesting books. 

cleopatra: a life

Cleopatra: A Life

  • Author: Stacy Schiff
  • Location: Egypt
  • Pages: 432

Arguably the most well-known female figure in Ancient Egyptian history, Cleopatra dissects the life of the last queen of Egypt. Separating fact from fiction, we learn of the notorious queen’s trials, tribulations, and her strategic negotiation skills as the most powerful woman in the Mediterranean. 

From poisoning her brother to starting a civil war with the other to having love affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony, Cleopatra solidified herself in world history through her relationships, power moves, and beauty. If you plan to take a trip to Egypt or need some convincing to go, this is for you. 

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river god

River God

  • Author: Wilbur Smith
  • Location: Egypt
  • Pages: 664

Go back in time 4,000 years to Ancient Egypt and life along the Nile River. Through the eyes of a slave to the Queen, we’re told an intense story of love, betrayal, revenge, and violence through the invigorating writing of Wilbur Smith.

As the first novel in this series, you’ll quickly be drawn into the characters and rich historic detail of living in Ancient Egypt. Follow Tanus, a warrior to is determined to unite two Kingdoms and marry Lady Lostris, and the challenges he must overcome in this quick and thrilling read. 

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out of africa

Out of Africa

  • Author: Isak Dinesen
  • Location: Kenya
  • Pages: 416

Written under the pen name Isak Dinesen, Out of Africa is actually the memoir of Baroness Karen Blixen, a Danish aristocrat. She lived on a coffee plantation in Kenya between 1914 and 1931. 

While this book is not free from the colonial perspective and racist attitudes, it does give an honest recount of what life was like living in Kenya as an expat. Recounting her experiences with exotic animals, a midnight lion hunt, and more situations you may only find in the jungles of Africa, this is an inspiring and truly remarkable memoir. 

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half of a yellow sun

Half of a Yellow Sun

  • Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • Location: Nigeria
  • Pages: 543

Set in the 1960s in Nigeria where the government works to create an independent republic, Half of a Yellow Sun follows five intriguing characters during this trying and eventful decade. 

Fall in love with these unique characters as they navigate their relationships of love, friendship, and heartbreak in southern Nigeria. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is one of the greatest writers of our time and is sharing her stories, perspective, and experiences with the world through her beautiful prose. 

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the memory of an elephant

The Memory of an Elephant

  • Author: Alex Lasker
  • Location: Kenya, Great Britain, and USA
  • Pages: 221

How would you like to be in the head of an elephant and hear her narrative of a life roaming the plains of Kenya until she loses her family to poachers and is adopted by a British couple with an animal rescue only to end up in a zoo in England?

That’s exactly what you’ll get with The Memory of an Elephant. Follow the elephant, Ishi, and the family who rescues her. It takes place between 1962 and 2015 spanning three different parts of the world. A romantic and moving tale, you’ll never read anything like it again. 

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Books Set in Asia

Moving to the other side of the world, these books will inspire you to travel to Asia. As many digital nomads make Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia their homes, these are some excellent books to brush up on your history and culture either while you’re already there or before you leave. 

sacred games

Sacred Games

  • Author: Vikram Chandra
  • Location: India
  • Pages: 964

This triumphic epic is about Inspector Sartaj Singh and his quest to take down India’s notorious gangster, Ganesh Gaitonde. Running through the streets of Mumbai, you’re exposed to the twisting plot riddled with adventure, violence, betrayal, and determination. 

Not only are you filled with an inventive and intriguing story, but you’ll also learn Hindu words and get a true feeling of Mumbai in the modern age. This is all thanks to Vikram’s own experiences and his thorough storytelling. 

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memoirs of a geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha

  • Author: Arthur Golden
  • Location: Japan
  • Pages: 434

The critically acclaimed Memoirs of a Geisha is an important work exposing the ways of the geisha and Japanese society during the 20th century. A great history lesson and look into the country’s past, this is a must-read for anyone interested in visiting Japan. 

We follow a girl, Nitta Sayuri, who grew up in a poor fishing village until she was sold into slavery to a geisha house. Here she learns how to perform geisha duties only to be auctioned to wealthy bidders and discover the importance of beauty in her culture. 

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the island of sea women

The Island of Sea Women

  • Author: Lisa See
  • Location: South Korea
  • Pages: 400

On the island of Jeju, women are the providers while men stay home to care for children and the house. The story follows a collective of women divers who go to catch seafood for the village to survive. 

The story follows two girls from different backgrounds, Mi-ja and Young-sook, as they go through historical events. You’ll witness the Japanese colonialism to the Korean War and the introduction of more modern life such as cell phones. This heartwarming and inspiring story of the tests of friendship will leave you in awe. 

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the rent collector

The Rent Collector

  • Author: Camron Wright
  • Location: Cambodia
  • Pages: 288

Living in the largest waste dump of Cambodia, the only way to survive is to collect trash and resell recyclables. However, this just isn’t enough for Ki Lim and Sang Ly to earn enough money to afford medicine for their ill child. 

However, when they discover a secret kept by their rent collector, things start to change forever. It’s a story that proves everyone deserves a second chance. While the backdrop of this novel is extremely important, the relationships and the culture truly make it beautiful and inspiring. 

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Books About Travel

Until now, the books I’ve mentioned are set in specific destinations with stories that share local culture, experiences, and landscapes. However, there is another category of books for wanderlust that don’t only include one destination. 

No, these books follow travelers who write about their experiences in new and foreign lands. They offer an outside perspective of what it’s like to feel out of place and learn of a new destination. 



  • Author: Rolph Potts
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Pages: 240

Considered to be the handbook for digital nomads, Rolf Potts shares his strategies and experiences being a long-term traveler. He has inspired thousands of people to pack a backpack and live an independent lifestyle on the road. 

From advice about financial planning, how to travel, finding your destination, and volunteering abroad, you’ll have a roadmap to beginning a life of travel. It’s truly an important read for anyone who wants to get out in the world and make a lifestyle of it rather than settle for just being an occasional vacationer. 

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eat pray love

Eat, Pray, Love

  • Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Location: Italy, India, Indonesia
  • Pages: 400

We couldn’t create a list of books for wanderlust without including Eat, Pray, Love on it. Leaving behind her entire life and husband in her early 30s, Elizabeth Gilbert decided to embark on a one-year journey to Italy, India, and Indonesia. 

Yes, she went to Bali before it was “cool.” Discovering herself through food in Italy, yoga, and meditation in India, and balance in Indonesia, this is the book that sent so many people on their journeys of self-discovering around the world. 

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how not to travel the world

How Not to Travel the World

  • Author: Lauren Juliff
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Pages: 322

Talk about the travel experience from hell… Lauren Juliff writes some of her most embarrassing, anxiety-ridden, and horrible mishaps while traveling alone in foreign countries. From being assaulted to conned to almost getting caught up in a tsunami, there were plenty of things that should have discouraged her from traveling – but they didn’t. 

Juliff shares her real-life experiences and lessons she has learned to help others avoid them and become better solo travelers on their own. This page-turning memoir is entertaining and you’ll quickly enjoy the witty writing while learning how you should not travel the world. 

Check the latest price on Amazon. 

world travel: an irreverent guide

World Travel: An Irreverent Guide

  • Author: Anthony Bourdain
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Pages: 480

Beloved chef and travel writer Anthony Bourdain has seen more of the world than most people. Inspired by people’s stories and the cuisines that fill their cultures, he put together this book as a guide on traveling the world with recommendations of where to eat and even where to stay. 

The book is also supplemented by essays and stories by friends and family who traveled with Bourdain. You’re sure to find this memoir and guide entertaining as well as heartwarming as you’re transported all over the world. 

Check the latest price on Amazon. 

what i was doing while you were breeding

What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding

  • Author: Kristin Newman
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Pages: 304

Former sitcom writer Kristin Newman recounts her unorthodox lifestyle of living on the road, not ready to settle down like the rest of her friends and family chose to do – and expected of her as well. 

So, she decided to travel the world alone, falling in love with different men, experiencing exotic destinations, and fully enjoying the choices she made. This inspiring and hilarious memoir is the empowerment you’ll need to finally stop listening to what others tell you to do and go after exactly what you want in life. 

It’s truly a great read for anyone considering taking the leap into a digital nomad lifestyle. 

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The Inspiration You Need to Travel

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