The Top 5 Nomad-Friendly Cities in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a country with an exotic musical name that has become a magnet for digital nomads. You won’t have to look far to understand why digital nomads visit here for periods of time!

People come here to enjoy not only enjoy the numerous national parks and pristine endless beaches but also to mix and mingle with friendly local and foreign communities that dish out smiles and hospitality at will. This is a veritable haven for digital nomads seeking to escape from their routine, high-stressed, fast-paced lives. Here are the top five nomad-friendly cities in Costa Rica. If youโ€™re considering a trip to Costa Rica, review our article on visa requirements for Costa Rica.

1. San Jose, Central Valley

Granted, digital nomads can work from anywhere in the world as long as they have a reliable Internet connection. However, San Jose is not just any place. Besides the fact that it’s the capital city of Costa Rica, if you are a digital nomad who enjoys a piece of the city action, this is the place to be.

San Jose gives you all the modern conveniences of a vibrant city within easy reach. Chances are that wherever you are in San Jose, the popular attractions in the central region would be within walking or short driving distance. You can take breaks, as long as you want, to go for excursions into whichever corner of the country you fancy.

In San Jose, you will find an active life where high-end local eateries coexist to provide a wonderful mix of exotic cuisine. Whatever your palate wishes for, you will find it here, and if nightlife is what you came looking for, San Jose will deliver beyond your wildest imagination.

Or perhaps you want to learn more about the history and antiquity of this nation. You will find countless attractions and museums to keep you here. At the end of the day, you won’t leave San Jose because it has no more to offer but because duty calls elsewhere, and even then, the memories you will take from your travels in San Jose will stay with you forever. You will be back!

2. Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste

Beautiful beach: that’s what Playa Hermosa translates into! It’s no wonder any digital nomad looking for excitement and beauty ends up here. The city has consistently ranked among the best places in Costa Rica to travel to or live in for a period of time. Digital nomads will find the beautiful beach irresistibly alluring.

Besides the beautiful ring to the name Playa Hermosa, this city is a perfect holiday destination for digital nomads looking for extra, extreme sports. Here, you can surf to your heart’s content and enjoy the breathtaking beaches, which are among the best in Costa Rica, as attested by the plethora of awards it has won over the years.

That’s not all. The beautiful beach observes the highest safety standards and is one of the cleanest, environmentally friendly beaches you will find. Many digital nomads have walked these beaches after taking breaks from their screens.

Whether you are looking to windsurf, scuba dive, sail, kayak, or canoe, this place is not short of things to do. You can even book an entire day’s travel to see the mesmerizing Arenal Volcano. But before you book your travels to Playa Hermosa, here’s a warning: you will be distracted by its beauty. You have to be extremely disciplined to get any work done. But who doesn’t need some healthy distraction now and then?

3. Puerto Viejo, Limon

Digital nomads love their comfort. They are looking for trendy restaurants and cafรฉs as well as friendly guesthouses and free WiFi, of course. Luckily, Puerto Viejo has them all. It’s one city a digital nomad looking for a place to live and work in will fall in love with. It’s an excellent place to sit back or recline in a hammock as you let your mind roam for inspiration.

Here, you get the perfect blend of both fun and work. You can explore the nation’s long Caribbean coast and also get to stay almost next to the Cahuita National Park or even the Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge. These two are bustling with spectacular wildlife that will simply bedazzle you.

Most digital nomads travel to Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast in the rainy season, and since Puerto Viejo is the driest part of the country, it’s a highly rewarding spot. Granted, the city is a bit remote and a bit of a challenge to access than other hubs, but once you’re here, you will be happy that you came.

4. Santa Teresa, Guanacaste

Santa Teresa is one of the most popular places in Costa Rica. It’s a destination of choice for digital nomads. If you desire to travel to a place with authentic local culture, this is the place to be. There is a reason this town attracts foreigners in droves, and it doesn’t matter if you’re traveling alone or in a group. There’s a vibrant community ready to take you in and make you feel right at home.

If you are looking for the perfect escape, Santa Teresa has opportunities for you. Here, you can surf and do tons of beautiful things without having to go too far. In Santa Teresa, a digital nomad can live on just about $500 a month!

Yes, that amount could get you good Wifi and a nice air-conditioned villa along one of the best surfing spots in Costa Rica. Besides, the surrounding area is popular for its laid-back, alternative lifestyle and has numerous activities such as reggae bars, surfing, swimming, yoga, and great opportunities for socializing with fellow digital nomads. And one more thing, the food is great!

5. Playa Samara, Guanacaste

If you want to travel to a shoebox town where everything you need is within reach, that place is Playa Samara, Guanacaste. The beach is within half a mile from wherever you are in this town. It’s a draw for digital nomads looking for a mix of shops offering organic food. You will also find sunset yoga classes going on at the beach and enough seaside restaurants with free Wifi.

Digital nomads seeking to spend a couple of months at Playa Samara, which is tucked in the Nicoya Peninsula, will enjoy the hospitable beachside community that consists of foreigners and locals. Everyone here loves to frolic on the beautiful white sandy beaches and enjoy the coral reefs located just off the shores.

After spending hours typing away or engaging in online workspaces, digital nomads love to get out and under. Luckily, Playa Samara offers a variety of fun sporting activities, such as scuba diving, fishing, and snorkeling. Transport to and from this town is easy and quick!

If you fancy living and working in a town that’s a wonderful throwback to Costa Rica, which was much less developed, here’s the place to come to. Of course, you can always teleport back to San Jose via daily buses that connect to the capital.

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If you depend on the internet to make a living, you are a potential digital nomad. Almost anyone can work online as long as they have a skill. All they need is access to high-speed, reliable internet, which makes them ideal candidates for places such as Costa Rica, which boasts some of the most alluring cities in the world.

The beautiful beaches, excellent internet, water sports, vibrant, reliable public transport, coworking spaces, free Wifi, restaurants, cafes, and a friendly community are some of the attractions that keep digital nomads trooping to Costa Rica. 

With the help of this article, you now know where to go in Costa Rica for the best digital nomad lifestyle. 

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