Thinking of Becoming a Digital Nomad? Here’s What You Can Expect

how to become a digital nomad

Hint: It Isn’t (Always) a Laptop on the Beach

You sit on a lounge chair and feel the warm sea breeze. You reach over and feel the condensation from the cold beer youโ€™ve been sipping on. Your laptop sits on your tanned legs as you look over a pristine, white beach with a foaming sea in the background. 

This is what you might expect your life to be as a digital nomad. 

While this scenario is ideal, the reality is quite far from working for a couple of hours a day on a beach and traveling to new and exciting places every other week. 

Read on to find out what to really expect as a digital nomad.

Abroad Isnโ€™t Always Exotic

By definition, a nomad is someone who moves around often and lives in different places, according to what suits them best at a certain time. 

Being a digital nomad certainly affords you greater freedom to choose where you live and for how long, but there is some criteria that must be met. 

It would be pretty difficult to be a digital nomad in the middle of the Gobi desert with no internet or work from the poolside of a five-star hotel for months on end.

Wifi and affordability are paramount! 

You Will Work Harder Than You Thought

If you are serious about your digital nomad journey or are trying to be a self-made entrepreneur, you will often find yourself working full eight-hour days, and sometimes even more! 

Being a digital nomad does not mean being on vacation all the time. You still have a job, youโ€™ll just do it in different places.

Money Can Be Tight

Money makes the digital nomad world go round! You will still base many decisions on where to stay and what to do next based on cashflow. 

At times you might be worried about your savings, especially as unexpected expenses might pop up from time to time that could eat into them. The key is to stay calm and try to always have a little stash to get you out of trouble if needed.

The Digital Nomad Life Is Unpredictable

Being on the move often and traveling to foreign places is a great adventure, even if everything goes according to plan. But you should be prepared for plans to go astray, as there are many things that are out of your control.

Anything from food poisoning, to a canceled reservation and a missed connection, can mess up your brilliantly crafted schedule. Learning to cope with hiccups, both big and small, is an important skill you will develop as a digital nomad. 

Expect to Make Priceless Memories

One thing you can definitely expect as a digital nomad is a life full of incredible and unusual experiences that many people will never have. 

As a digital nomad, you will prove to yourself that you can travel the world and make a living, relying only on your skills and capabilities. And you will make fun and everlasting memories in the process!

You’ll Become Comfortable With Yourself

It is common to feel a bit lonely, especially at the beginning of your digital nomad life when you havenโ€™t found your community yet.

Being able to rely solely on yourself will be a tremendous confidence boost. After all, if you can make it in a foreign country thousands of miles from home where you donโ€™t know anyone, you can make it absolutely anywhere!

We Are Here For You!

So, if you are ready to take the plunge and are not afraid of learning something new, boosting your confidence, and making unforgettable experiences, join the official global digital nomad network at Nomads Embassy to connect with fellow nomads all over the world.

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