What Do Digital Nomads Do? A Day in the Life of a Digital Nomad

What do digital nomads do?  You see incredible photos of digital nomads sitting on the beach, exploring exotic places, and having the time of their lives. From an outsider’s perspective, it looks like digital nomads are always on vacation.  Many people who are working location-dependent jobs ask, what do digital nomads do that they can […]

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This is Exactly Where to Start Your Digital Nomad Lifestyle

The first thing people wonder when they decide to become a digital nomad is where to start?  Even though there are millions of digital nomads in the world, becoming one is still a confusing and lonely process. So, without a set process, you have little direction to follow.  Instead, people find influencers who are already […]

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How to Start a Digital Nomad Online Business for Less Than $100

You can start your own digital nomad online business for under $100 today!  Yes, you read that right.  Starting an online business as a digital nomad doesn’t have to have hefty startup costs. With a minimal amount, you can begin to build your empire – one that will give you the freedom to make money […]

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9 Digital Nomad Jobs for Beginners You Can Start Today

You’re wondering where you can find digital nomad jobs for beginners, right?  When you’re just starting out as a digital nomad, it can be intimidating, especially when you hear of entrepreneurs and freelancers becoming successful in what seems to be overnight.  This isn’t the case!  We all have to start out somewhere. Just making the […]

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How Many Digital Nomads Are There? More Than You Think

How many digital nomads are there in the world right now? You aren’t the first person to wonder just how many people live a lifestyle of traveling the world and working remotely.  It’s challenging to get an exact number of how many digital nomads there are. This is due to the constant movement of individuals […]

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Portugal Opens World’s First Digital Nomad Village

Imagine living in a digital nomad village and being surrounded by like-minded people who enjoy traveling just as much as you do.  It’s now possible!  Portugal will open the world’s first digital nomad village on February 1, 2021, on the Maderia Islands.  Gonçalo Hall, a Digital Nomadism Consultant, created the idea and partnered with Madeira’s […]

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Digital Nomads vs. Remote Workers: The Real Major Difference

It’s time to set something straight.  Digital nomads vs. remote workers – what’s the difference? In the age of working from home or wherever you choose, there has been some confusion between digital nomads and remote workers.  I’m here to go on record and tell you the one major difference – a very clear distinction […]

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A Warning to the Digital Nomad: Don’t be Kristen Gray

If you have a Twitter or Instagram account, you’ve probably heard about the scandal surrounding digital nomad Kristen Gray.  It was a long string of tweets to promote her ebook, “This Bali Life is Yours,” that Gray caused controversy over her digital nomad lifestyle in Indonesia. This resulted in her being deported from the country […]

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What is a Digital Nomad? The Secret of Full-Time Travelers

As you scroll through Instagram, you see a few certain people constantly traveling, posting pics of exotic places living a carefree lifestyle. You can’t help but wonder how they can afford to live like this? Don’t they have an office to go to? How much vacation time do they get?  It sounds like they’re probably […]

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5 Digital Nomad Books You Need to Read

We aren’t taught how to become digital nomads in school. We definitely are never assigned to read digital nomad books.  It isn’t even an option!  Instead, we’re forced to sit at our desks and learn complicated formulas to find the value of X and thoroughly analyze the symbolism of the color red in The Scarlet […]

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The Ultimate Packing List for Digital Nomads in South America

Machu Picchu. The Galapagos Islands. Latin Dancing. Beaches. Mountains. Digital nomads in South America get to experience it all. You’re guaranteed to be enthralled with incredible cuisine, stunning views of nature, and thriving cultures. With a variety of climates and environments, digital nomads can experience the exotic Amazon rainforest or the chill of the Andes […]

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How to Break Away from a Digital Nomad Identity

When your friends introduce you to someone new, the first thing they probably say is, “This is so-and-so, she’s a digital nomad and travels all over the world!” You’re then forced to talk about your travels and answer questions about how you can afford to travel for so many months out of the year. While […]

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