Digital Nomads vs. Remote Workers: The Real Major Difference

It’s time to set something straight.  Digital nomads vs. remote workers – what’s the difference? In the age of working from home or wherever you choose, there has been some confusion between digital nomads and remote workers.  I’m here to go on record and tell you the one major difference – a very clear distinction […]

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A Warning to the Digital Nomad: Don’t be Kristen Gray

If you have a Twitter or Instagram account, you’ve probably heard about the scandal surrounding digital nomad Kristen Gray.  It was a long string of tweets to promote her ebook, “This Bali Life is Yours,” that Gray caused controversy over her digital nomad lifestyle in Indonesia. This resulted in her being deported from the country […]

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What is a Digital Nomad? The Secret of Full-Time Travelers

As you scroll through Instagram, you see a few certain people constantly traveling, posting pics of exotic places living a carefree lifestyle. You can’t help but wonder how they can afford to live like this? Don’t they have an office to go to? How much vacation time do they get?  It sounds like they’re probably […]

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The Ultimate Packing List for Digital Nomads in Southeast Asia

Sandy beaches. Coconuts. Street food. Temples. These are just some of the things digital nomads in Southeast Asia experience. There are many cities in this region that serve as hubs for digital nomads including Chiang Mai in Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Nomads flock to this part of the world due to […]

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Essential Time Management Tips for Digital Nomads

Every remote worker can tell you that time management is essential for being productive and getting work done at home. However, time management looks different for digital nomads. Along with scheduling meetings, working on projects, and growing a business, digital nomads also have to make time to explore their surroundings and account for travel time.  […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Building a Brand

Coca-Cola. Nike. McDonald’s. Red Bull. These are all brands that are undeniably familiar. From just their logo, you can identify exactly which brand it represents and what type of product they sell. You probably can also recall their slogans without even thinking about it, too.  How does one build a brand so recognizable as these […]

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