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Italy is Calling

Italy is quickly becoming the next Digital Nomad hotspot – don’t miss your chance to get in on it early

Ideal Weather

the Mediterranean climate is perfect for exploring the city or sitting on the beach

Reliable WiFi

Always stay connected and productive while you work

Savory Cuisine

enjoy Authentic Italian cuisine with only the freshest ingredients

Rich History & Culture

Learn and adopt a rich culture cultivated over thousands of years

Stunning Cities & Landscapes

From the sea to the mountains to small villages and metropolises

Affordable Living Costs

Stay within your budget with Italy’s affordable prices

Why italy?

Italy is Calling Digital Nomads – Reserve Your Exclusive Nomad Travel Kit and Access to 24/7 Support for Just $1

Wine. Pasta. Rich history. Incredible fashion. Do we need to say more?

For decades, Italy has been seen as a tourist destination. With its stunning scenery, ideal weather, notorious cities, and distinguished culture, it’s no question why so many people are called here.

Italy is now up and coming on the radar as a digital nomad hotspot!

You can be one of the first digital nomads to ride this raging wave into Italy with the help of Nomads Embassy’s Nomad Travel Kit for Italy & Membership.

In just three simple steps, you’ll be on your journey


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With the purchase of your Nomad Travel Kit, you’ll also receive a 3-month subscription to Nomads Embassy’s premium 24/7 support so you can live a happier, healthier, and comfortable digital nomad lifestyle.

Plus, you’ll have access to our exclusive online community, discounts with our partners, and support from our trained ambassadors to answer any and all of your questions.

Reserve Your Spot For Just $1

No hidden fees, FREE Digital Nomads Guides Included

What’s included in the nomad travel kit?

There is no worse feeling than arriving in a new country exhausted from your flight, no phone service, and trying to find your way around.

Arrive in Italy already prepared thanks to Nomads Embassy’s Nomad Travel Kit. Simply order the box and we will ship it to your specified location.

Each box is packed with items, memberships, and resources you’ll need to make yourself comfortable in your new country.

The Nomad Travel Kit could include:

  • SIM Card

  • Gym Membership

  • Coworking Space Membership

  • Prepaid Transportation Card

  • Prepaid Card for Rideshare & Taxi Services

  • Experience at Top Restaurants

  • Beginner Language Course

  • List of Approved Restaurants, Cafes, etc.

  • City Guide with Tips and Advice

  • Nomads Embassy Branded Gifts

Reserve Your Spot for Only $1

Don’t waste time searching for ways to settle into your new home.

The Nomad Travel Kit is customizable with optional upgrades and experiences so you get the most out of your time in Italy.

Your Nomad Travel Kit has everything you need to get started living in Italy as a digital nomad so you can focus less on the fine details.

Reserve Your Spot For Just $1

No hidden fees, FREE Digital Nomads Guides Included

What we offer

More knowledge, more resources, fewer struggles!
Let Nomads Embassy guide you along the way.

Nomad Travel Kit

specific to the country you’re traveling to with everything you need

Free 24/7 Support

to help you when you’re in a sticky situation while living abroad

Broad Network

of professional resources and services to make your transition

Exclusive Community

to connect with other digital nomads

Professional Guidance

to help you avoid dangerous mistakes

Comprehensive Solution

to your transition in becoming a digital nomad

This membership is an invaluable asset to digital nomads living in Italy. If you have a question or need a recommendation, reach out to our trained ambassadors for answers at any time!

With the purchase of a Nomad Travel Kit for Italy, you’re entitled to a one-on-one welcome call with your personal ambassador. Your ambassador is here to help you with every digital nomad question you may have about living in Italy.

The Perfect Getaway for Digital Nomads

Being a Digital Nomad in Italy Just Got Easier – Reserve Your Exclusive Nomad Travel Kit and 24/7 Support for Just $1

When you order your Nomad Travel Kit for Italy, you won’t feel completely alone in a foreign country trying to navigate your way around a new culture, new city, and simply new ways of life.

The Nomad Travel Kit for Italy prepares you with everything you’ll need to get a jumpstart on your Italian digital nomad lifestyle. From the moment you step off the plane to attending meetups with other Nomads Embassy members, you’re going to feel right at home.

Plus, you’ll always have access to our 24/7 support hotline. Answers to your questions about being a digital nomad in Italy are just a message, email, or phone call away.

Stop wandering around hoping you’ll find the best aperitivo spot in the city and follow our trusted recommendations created by locals and fellow digital nomads living in Italy. You can count on always having a memorable experience in this stunning country.

Perfect For

Aspiring Digital Nomads

Aspiring Digital Nomads who want some more direction and support

Beginner Digital Nomads

Beginner Digital Nomads who want a community and support

Experienced Digital Nomads

Experienced Digital Nomads who want an easier lifestyle and community

Who this isn’t perfect for

Backpacker Travelers

Backpacker Travelers staying in hostels and keeping a tight budget

Tourists and Vacationers

Tourists and Vacationers who are visiting a country for a week or two

Lone Digital Nomads

Lone Digital Nomads who don’t use coworking spaces and enjoy solo traveling

DIY ers

DIY-ers who prove they can navigate the world on their own

Reserve Your Spot for Only $1

For just $1 you can reserve your spot on the waiting list and the one of the first to order your Nomad Travel Kit for Italy and have access to Nomads Embassy’s 24/7 support membership.

Plus, you’ll receive our Digital Nomad Bundle – a $67 value – absolutely FREE!

You’ll receive 3 of our valuable guides:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Finding an Online Job in 48 Hours
  • The Complete Roadmap to Becoming a Digital Nomad in 3 Months
  • The Digital Nomad’s Handbook to Increase Productivity

If for any reason you want to give up your spot, email [email protected] and we will take you off the list and refund your dollar – NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Reserve Your Spot For Just $1

No hidden fees, FREE Digital Nomads Guides Included

With nomads embassy you’ll get

  • Welcome box specific to your destinations

  • 24/7 support and professional resources

  • Access to an exclusive global community

  • One more title to look balanced

  • Personalized experiences and relationships

  • Advice to prepare for your next destination

  • Resources and tools to live abroad longer

  • Exclusive discounts with our partners

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Pay Only $1 & Receive the Digital Nomad Bundle

Reserve Your Spot For Just $1

No hidden fees, FREE Digital Nomads Guides Included

Frequently asked questions

What do I get with $1?

By paying $1, you have reserved your spot on our waiting list and will be the first to know when you can sign up for Nomads Embassy’s Premium Membership. You’ll also receive our Digital Nomad Bundle (a $65 value) for FREE!

Why the name Nomads Embassy?

Nomads Embassy is the World’s First Embassy for Digital Nomads

Just as you would contact your home country’s embassy with a question or services while abroad, members can contact Nomads Embassy for digital nomad-related questions and services.

How will I know when I can order my Nomad Travel Kit?

We will email you when the Nomad Travel Kits for Italy are available for purchase.

Can I unsubscribe from the waiting list and receive a refund?

Absolutely! Send an email to [email protected] with the subject “I want to give up my spot” and we will remove you from the waiting list and refund your $1.

Why was Nomads Embassy created?

Nomads Embassy was created to help people live a digital nomad lifestyle easily and with support. 

Before Nomads Embassy, aspiring digital nomads had to figure everything out on their own. Now they don’t have to! 

How can I become a partner?

If you’d like to partner with us and have your brand or product included in the Nomad Travel Kit email [email protected]


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