How to Create 50+ Pieces of Content From Just One

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Don’t settle for just one piece of content when you can have more.

You’re sitting at your desk, staring at a blinking cursor on your computer screen, fidget spinner constantly moving in your hand as you rummage through your thoughts for a great idea for your next piece of content. For hours, maybe even days, you obsess over the topic or a catchy headline only for it to be used for just one blog post. 

What if there was a way to exponentially increase your online presence with minimal effort and just one idea? There is! 

Content creation is the name of the game when it comes to bringing awareness to your business or brand. So, when you do have that million-dollar idea, don’t let it go to waste. Expand, reuse, recycle, and use every bit of that idea to create over 50 pieces of different content. 

The Great Idea

You’ve been trying to think of a piece of content that will provide value to your target audience but also be so well-done that it’ll go viral on social media and show up in search engine results. It finally comes to you while you’re singing in the shower. You write it down and are satisfied that the hardest part is done! 

Now it’s time to expand on your idea. How will this be useful to your audience? What questions will your audience have that you can answer for them? Dive deep into your topic and think of all the possible ways that you can share this information. 

Written Content 

Once you’ve expanded your idea and thought of all the possible topics you can touch on, it’s time to write a long-form piece of content. This content can be in the form of a guide or an ebook that is downloadable from your website.  It may be intimidating to write such a daunting project, but it will be worth it! 

From this guide or ebook, you’ll then have multiple blog posts to write about. Take each ebook chapter or guide topic and turn it into an individual blog post. Some chapters may even require two blog posts. You can even write a post as a simple overview of the long-form content. Get creative with it! 

These blog posts can be used on your website’s blog, as guest posts for other blogs to build SEO and domain authority, or as articles on Medium.

From these blog posts, you can then create social media posts with quotes and snippets. Use them for Instagram captions or Facebook and LinkedIn posts. 

Video Content 

A long-form piece of visual content may be an interview, full-length video, or online course. You can start with this or create it from your guide or ebook. The best place to publish these longer videos is Facebook or YouTube. 

Working with video content, you can easily take the audio and transform it into a podcast too. 

From this longer video, you can then break it down into segmented videos based on different topics. These can be posted on Facebook and IGTV. If starting from written content, each of these videos can reflect a single blog post. 

You can then use these segmented videos and cut them into small snippets for your Instagram feed and TikTok. 

Visual Content

Infographics, memes, and pretty quotes make for excellent content! In this case, a detailed infographic will be your long-form content. From this, break it down into smaller infographics diving deeper into the topic. These smaller infographics can reflect a single blog post if working from previously written content. 

From your written and video content, pull quotes that are impactful when they stand alone and create a graphic for a social media post for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn from it. 

If you’re really feeling creative, take a popular meme, and relate it to your content’s topic. People love a good laugh! 

Reuse But Be Original 

A great content creator knows one of the worst practices of reusing and recycling content is to copy and paste. While it does mean spending more time on it, your recycled content should be refreshed and created specifically for the medium you are posting on. 

For example, turning an ebook into a blog post doesn’t mean simply taking a chapter straight from the book and posting it to your blog. Instead, rethink the content and how to format it into an engaging and SEO-optimized blog post. You may realize that some details don’t work as well in the blog post as they do in the chapter. 

See It In Action

You own a travel blog. You’re currently traveling and living in Southeast Asia and have stories and tips that you are just dying to share with the world. As you review the videos and pictures you’ve taken, you have a brilliant idea. 

You’re going to create a guide teaching digital nomads how to move to Southeast Asia and everything they need to know to be successful when they get there. 

Great! That’s going to A LOT of content! 

Now, from your guide, you’re also going to put together a long-form video of your travels and tips. Whether this is a collection of your vlogs, an interview of your experience, or an instructional course is up to you. 

From this video, you’ll also have content to create a podcast. 

As you outline and write your guide, you realize that there are endless blog posts that can be created from it. 

  • The Ultimate Packing List
  • Best Cities to Stay
  • A Check List Before You Leave Home
  • Thai Food You Have to Try
  • It goes on and on… 

Now, from these blog posts, you’ll take pull quotes for your Instagram captions to the gorgeous pictures of the Thai islands, Vietnam jungle, and elephants that now flood your phone. You’ll also take these quotes and snippets and turn them into quote graphics and short social media posts. 

Getting back to that longer video, you’ll then make shorter videos that are perfect for IGTV, Instagram feed, TikTok, or YouTube. 

Now let’s add some infographics to the mix! With each blog post, create an infographic that will explain and expand on it. These are great for Pinterest and will lead right back to your blog or guide download. 

So, from just one idea, you now have a guide, long-form video, podcast, blog posts with individual infographics, social media posts and Instagram captions, quote graphics, and short snippet videos. You’ll roll this content out over time, filling up your calendar quickly! 

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