5 Handpicked Project Management Tools for Remote Teams

Managing a team isnโ€™t easy, especially when you find yourself managing a remote team. It requires patience, organization, streamlined processes, and excellent project management tools. 

Itโ€™s essential to utilize project management tools to decrease miscommunication, keep your team on track with projects, and increase productivity. While there are thousands of tools and programs out there, you have to find the one that best suits your businessโ€™s needs. This will take some time and requires a lot of patience. 

After weeks of going through trials of different programs, we narrowed down our search and were able to pick the best tools for us. Tested and implemented by our own team, these are some of the best project management tools when working remotely.


Trello is a project management tool that utilizes the Kanban system. You can create cards for individual tasks and drag them through your processes as you complete them. This method is great for manufacturing, processing schedules, marketing plans, and any other project that goes through a flow of motions. 

Each card allows you to upload files, create checklists, tag and communicate with team members, set due dates, and more. It also integrates Google Drive and Slack, so everyone is on the same page. 

The free version of Trello is truly top-notch and beneficial to any business. While there are some limitations with the free version, weโ€™ve never felt restricted or pressured to purchase the Business or Enterprise plans. 


Monday.com is one of my favorite project management tools on the market! Itโ€™s intuitive, easy to learn, and offers 24/7 live support for any issues or questions you may have. If your business is just starting out, Monday.com offers premade templates for projects from social media scheduling to recruitment and hiring. 

This tool is used across the world as itโ€™s available in multiple languages and is GDPR compliant. There are hundreds of integrations available so you and your team can keep everything in one place. It also offers daily task management, project overviews, time tracking, and a meeting space. Not to mention, the mobile app is fantastic! 

With great features comes a hefty bill. While Monday.com is one of our favorite tools out there, it can be pricey for startups who are strapped for cash. 


Favro is another great tool for remote teams. Itโ€™s very similar to Monday.com, but is more affordable and accessible to startups and entrepreneurs. It also offers templates for beginners, such as product launches, social media scheduling, and much more. 

Cards and boards can be connected, you can save your own templates, and each card allows you to tag team members, create checklists and charts, and upload files. It also offers integrations such as Trello, Slack, and Google Drive. 

There are also different styles of cards that you can use depending on your project. You can choose from a spreadsheet, Kanban-style, or a timeline. These options make Favro beneficial no matter what industry youโ€™re in. 


Basecamp is your one-stop-shop project management tool when managing a remote team. It contains virtually every feature you need including project overviews, task assignments, file organization, meeting spaces, chats, and more. This means all of your businessโ€™s information is synced in one place with plenty of integrations. 

This tool may take some time to learn, but once you have the hang of it, youโ€™ll fall in love with it! With dashboards for both leaders and individual team members, there is little room for miscommunication. This also allows you to have an overview of projects and view individual assignments. 

The beauty of Basecamp is that there is a flat monthly rate of $99 for unlimited users and projects. So you can grow your team as large as youโ€™d like without worrying about paying for extra members. 


Teamwork allows remote teams to collaborate, stay on track with projects and deadlines, set milestones, and collaborate all on one platform. Communication improves across the board amongst team members thanks to easy messaging and tagging. Plus, Teamwork offers awesome integrations such as Slack, Hubspot, and Google Suite.

To get you started, the platform offers several templates to increase your productivity and also organize your projects even better. From Gantt charts to Kanban style to your own custom layouts, remote teams are bound to be successful with any project, task, or process when using Teamwork.

The wonderful thing about this project management tool is there are a variety of membership levels. From a free version perfect for individuals and freelancers to the enterprise membership, there is something for every remote team.


Milanote is an incredible project management tool perfect for remote teams of creatives. Specifically designed for writers, product designers, graphic designers, and creative directors, you can visually organize and review tasks. With the easy drag and drop feature, teams have an unlimited range for creatively organizing projects how they see fit.

Keep your team on track and on the same page with to-do lists and uploading files directly to Milanote’s platform. Long gone are the days of emailing back and forth or searching through cluttered folders looking for the right file. You can also see who is working on the board in real-time, making it perfect for collaborating and brainstorming.

As of now, you and your team can sign up for a free account to use Milanote. Plus, you can get updates from anywhere with the integrated mobile app.

Finding the Right Project Management Tools 

There are thousands of project management tools available and weโ€™ve only explored a handful of them. This list is made up of what we would recommend from experience. The most important thing is to find the one you like best and will benefit your business the most. 

Sign up for free trials and test different tools until you find the one that works for you. Be patient with this! 

It never hurts to ask someone for their recommendations too. Connect with fellow freelancers and entrepreneurs by joining Nomads Embassy: The Official Digital Nomad Network for business tips and advice.

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